AFRUEX impulsa la comunidad frutícola extremeña con una app personalizada

New Holland abril

AFRUEX, the Association of Fruit Growers of Extremadura, has integrated a custom app made with the FileMaker Platform that has allowed them to unify in a single point the 55 associated companies, improve the internal documentation and e-mail campaigns, and above all improve the management of the certification of the guarantee brand CiEx – Plum of Extremadura.

AFRUEX is an association that brings together 90% of the fruit producers of the Community of Extremadura. This entity is dedicated to the defense of the common interests of producers, as it helps them open up to international markets, and disseminates information and organization related to fruit production.

Because the associated companies export their products to more than 45 countries, AFRUEX handles a large amount of documentation related to regulations and protocols. Given that the amount of information to be used was immense, they felt the need to obtain a tool that would allow organizing and classifying all the data in one place and quickly and reliably.

“The 55 member companies find in the app all the contact and location data of the rest of the associates. The objective is to facilitate communication between companies and centralize information in one place. “Miguel Ángel Gómez, Managing Director of AFRUEX.


The personalized app made with the FileMaker Platform and developed internally in AFRUEX, has the objective of facilitating the communication between the companies, joining the information in one place, and carrying out the certification of the CiEx – Plum Extremadura guarantee brand through the tool.

There are five plum varieties that can be certified by the CiEx guarantee brand. For this they must follow a series of inspections and meet certain parameters and quality requirements. Currently, thanks to the FileMaker application, the tasks of entering data and performing calculations are automated within the tool.

In addition, AFRUEX manages internally the accounting and treasury of the entity by digitizing all invoices, tickets and payment receipts.

“The change has been enormous, now any company can access the platform and with a single click or with a search engine you can access all the information necessary for the proper functioning of your company, as well as be the day of all the regulations and information of the international fruit markets. “Miguel Ángel Gómez, Managing Director of AFRUEX

In short, thanks to the personalized app made with the FileMaker Platform, it has been possible to improve communication between the associated companies, have all the information in one place, reduce the time dedicated to some tasks, and above all obtain a competitive advantage to other federations. The availability of a flexible tool adapted to your needs, allows adding value to both the organization itself and its members.


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