The seedless watermelon Bouquet leads the consumption of watermelon in Europe


Bouquet seedless watermelon has made Anecoop the first Spanish operator of watermelons, as it is included in the latest ranking developed by the specialized magazine Alimarket in 2017. Today, for 26 years, it continues to lead its category in the European market, being present since 1991 in the fruit and vegetable lines of the main distribution chains in 30 countries.

100% of Bouquet watermelons are produced in Spain. Its cultivation is carried out by Spanish farmers with a high degree of specialization in this fruit. Thanks to the Bouquet program, Anecoop has managed to extend the watermelon campaign from April to the end of August.

At present, the seedless watermelon Bouquet represents 18% of the watermelons produced in Spain and 15% of the exported and this product leads the consumption in Europe, placing today as the first operator. 100% of these watermelons are grown in Spain by farmers with a high degree of experience.

Anecoop has presented this afternoon to the media the actions that will develop this season to bring watermelon Bouquet to the consumer. It has also made a balance of the results obtained in 2017 and has announced its growth prospects for the coming years. He has counted in the event with the presence of representatives of several of his cooperatives members of different areas that are integrated in the Bouquet program.


During this year, Anecoop plans to market 150,000 tons of watermelon, one of its flagship products, of which 80% corresponds to the seedless Bouquet watermelon. In 2017, Anecoop sold 132,000 tons.

During the presentation of the campaign, the President of Anecoop, Alejandro Monzón, explained that “their cultivation has an important social value, since the production programs are designed in collaboration with the member cooperatives and allows a careful commercial planning, allowing numerous Spanish farmers and their families give continuity to agricultural activity throughout the year “. “For us it is an example of the defense of Spanish agriculture and we have opted for the quality of the product in Spain”.

For his part, the Director General of Anecoop, Joan Mir, said: “We are optimistic in terms of volume and quality of the product in this campaign. We continue with our varietal improvement plan and we will continue to work on the high-end segment and flavor to continue growing in the European markets, which continues to rise. ” Regarding the future Joan Mir said: “Our challenge is to continue working to distinguish ourselves from the productions coming from other countries, differentiating us by a greater freshness and a lower impact on the carbon footprint, as transportation is shorter, and for a better quality, color and taste “.

The projection of this product in the international market is the result of the commercial action unit and the applied R + D + i. From its two fields of experience in Almería and Valencia, under greenhouse and outdoor cultivation, the company continues to work on its production processes and new forms of cultivation. In its evolution highlights the trend towards a smaller size and segmentation by qualities and colors.

The production calendar starts in April in Almeria and then extends to Murcia, Alicante, Valencia and Castellón. The productions of Seville and Castilla-La Mancha complete the calendar of the campaign. It is a unique global program in Spain that has procedures that handle the whole process: from the varietal selection, the agronomic management of the varieties to the integration of the production, the diversification of the offer to the commercialization itself.

Currently, the Bouquet seedless watermelon family is composed of 4 types of watermelon: the Red and the Yellow of striped skin, the Black skin and the Mini, all of them also available in Bio culture.

Promotion campaign

The company will tackle an intense communication and marketing campaign, which has involved an investment of more than € 900,000. It will have an impact in Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Belarus and Poland, with actions in points of sale, radio, television and social networks, cultural and sports events and meetings with the media.

Within the campaign highlights a novel action in which the Bouquet brand, in collaboration with the major distribution, will offer all consumers of watermelon Bouquet a safe gift based on different types of experiences of different categories (sport and adventure, beauty and health , leisure and home, gastronomy, children and hotel nights). In France, it will be promoted through a television campaign in prime-time programs and social networks and in Spain, with a radio, social networks and aerial advertising.


➡️Anecoop receives the ‘Ilustres 2017’ award for the merit of the Casino de Agricultura

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