Idai Nature Chair’s bid for biopesticides as a more sustainable alternative to chemists


The Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), through its Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineers, and the company Idai Nature have organized a conference on the present and future of biopesticides in agriculture, framed in its Chair of Bioinsecticides. With this initiative, both institutions seek to encourage “biopesticides to be an effective and natural alternative to chemical methods”.

The day has served to provide an overview from the point of view of producers and different regulatory agencies to promote the standard use of this type of products and glimpse the regulatory landscape in which they will be in the future.

This meeting was attended by prestigious experts in the field, such as dr. Jaime Primo Millo, Professor of Chemistry at the UPV; Jose Antonio Rico, president of the Committee of Ecological Agriculture of the Region of Valencia (CAECV); Juan Salvador Torres, general secretary of the Valencian Association of Farmers (AVA-ASAJA), and Valentín Almansa de Lara, general director of Health of Agricultural Production of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA).

10 conclusions of the Day


1. Indirect pest and disease control must be encouraged through cultural practices, enriching and promoting biodiversity.

2. The closer we get to the behavior of nature, the easier it is to have no problems in cultivation.

3. There is a large lack of regulation in products needed to grow in ecological.

4. Europe is leading the way towards sustainability.

5. Lack of regulation for biopesticides. They are low risk substances and should not be treated the same as synthetic chemicals.

6. There are more and more pests and fewer tools in the face of ever tougher regulations.

7. There is no difference between natural and manufactured substance, since everything must be strictly controlled by administrations to ensure food security.

8. Basic substances. Substances that do not produce toxicity or endocrine alterations. A dossier must be presented and its sale liberalized under the conditions established by the member state.

9. Every product that is applied to the field must be controlled by the administrations. This includes also those products that produce a plant effect that can help the plant to defend itself.

10. The European Parliament is still awaiting a biostimulation law to regulate this issue.

The Idai Nature-UPV Bioinsecticides Chair promotes and develops the research of botanical extracts with bio-insecticidal activity for the treatment of pests. Carlos Ledó, Managing Director of Idai Nature, has outlined some of the most outstanding projects of the Chair such as pre-doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships, prizes for end-of-career projects, works and ideas contests.

The Chair also includes the development of research and development activities in chairs such as the development of lines of joint research or cooperation to achieve research projects in Valencian, Spanish and European fields. Ledó also pointed out that “Idai Nature will make all environmentally friendly products available to all farmers.”

Source: Idai Nature


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