UPA defends the family farming and livestock model

FORD Febrero

UPA has defended this Thursday the family agriculture and livestock model and has indicated that these are precisely those that serve to meet the challenges of depopulation and sustainability. “When these models do not exist, what happens is that the field, the mountain, and the problems come,” he warned.

A delegation of the organization, headed by its secretary general, Lorenzo Ramos, has held a meeting with the President of the Principality of Asturias, Adrián Barbón, against whom they have argued that small producers “guarantee sustainability, take care of the environment and landscape more than anyone, and we guarantee survival in the villages ”.

Ramos has claimed services equal to those of large cities and demanded a fair distribution of aid that “is being given to people who do not need them and who are not from the agri-food sector.” He has also denounced the abuses of the agri-food chain: “it cannot be that consumers are paying in cash and that the farmer and rancher charge late and badly; there are many that are being lined at the expense of ruining farmers and ranchers and somehow also scamming consumers. ”

UPA has criticized that farmers and ranchers have to produce with European standards while entering large areas of products from other areas of the world, which are not subject to these regulations. “We guarantee a healthy, safe and healthy diet.”José Ramón García Alba, general secretary of UCA-UPA Asturias has recalled the main problems of Asturian peasants, from the wolf, to purine regulations, through the management of livestock use, beekeeping, the new PAC, policies of rural development, the elimination of administrative obstacles, etc.


The Secretary General of UGT Asturias, Javier Fernández Lanero, the Minister of Rural Development, Agroganadería y Pesca, Alejandro Calvo, and the Secretary of Organization of UPA, Marcos Alarcón have also participated in the meeting.

In statements to the media minutes before the meeting, the Secretary General of UGT Asturias, Javier Fernández Lanero, has insisted on adding value to the agro-livestock activity in the face of the depopulation suffered by the region and has requested “facilities for young people to have help and can make farms profitable ”. Also, “that administrative procedures be simplified.” Fernández Lanero has stated that “we need facts in addition to words. Prior to this meeting, the UPA officials maintained a working breakfast with the Executive Commission of UGT Asturias.

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