FRUIT LOGÍSTICA: the FRUTIC Symposium will focus on the efficient use of water throughout the production chain


The main objective of the international FRUTIC convention will be water and, in particular, its efficient use throughout the fruit and vegetable production chain, from cultivation to the point of sale. This international convention offers 40 scientific papers and, in addition, it serves as an ideal platform for exchange between experts in science and the horticultural sector. In this new edition, FRUTIC is once again aligned with the leading international trade fair for fresh products, FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin, with its celebration scheduled for February 6th, one day before the start of FRUITLOGÍSTICA 2018. The chosen location for the celebration of FRUTIC is the CityCube Berlin.

The content of the convention will focus this time on water. They will be treated from the specific use of irrigation made with precision to increase the quality of the fruit to the new sensor technology to record the amount of water in the fruits and their use in storage and marketing.

Water plays a crucial role, especially in the post-harvest stage, the preservation of quality and food safety: from washing, cleaning, disinfection and refrigeration, to hot water treatment of the fruit

In addition to the new methods, innovative concepts on how to reduce the formation of water in containers will also be presented.

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Contributions to this Symposium address new non-destructive methods for determining quality, specific post-harvest treatment and storage of fruits, vegetables and nuts.

For the congress, expert speakers have been invited who have the international leadership in the subject: Prof. Juan José Alarcón from CEBAS CSIC, Spain, and Prof. Merete Edelenbos from Aarhus University, Denmark. In the framework of the Forum of fresh products and the Future Lab, scientists will also present their topics on the days in which FRUIT LOGISTICA takes place.

The FRUTIC is not only a platform for intensive and specialized exchange between science and practice on current trends and new developments; but it is also about identifying where there is a need for research in the sector

The FRUTIC Symposium is organized by the Leibniz-Institut für Agrartechnik und Bioökonomie e.V. (Germany) in collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Foggia (Italy). FRUIT LOGISTICA is a collaborating partner, as well as EurAgEng and Bezirksarbeitsgruppe VDI / VDE.

FRUTIC is a series of international scientific symposia. The first conference took place in Israel in 1983. FRUTIC has been transformed over time, into an important platform for the development and application of technologies in the production of fruits, vegetables and nuts that brings together leading scientists from around the world and, with the new venue, also aims to approach the representatives of the sector.



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