Spanish Food Industry organizes a Shopping Night in Kaufhof Galleries


Coinciding with the celebration of the 33rd edition of the fair Anuga 2015, the Spanish Federation of Industries Food and Beverage (FIAB) celebrates promotional events in the store Kaufhof Galleries in Cologne, in collaboration with the Board of through Extremadura Extremadura Avante.

The first of the planned actions will be the insertion of a shop window in Kaufhof Galleries facilities. Until the end of the Anuga Fair food products exposed samples with Spanish seal will stay on the ground floor of German chain in Cologne.

In addition, the October 10, a Shopping Night will be held, a special promotional event that will be attended responsible for buying the chain, as well as senior representatives of various retail chains and food companies in the sector in Germany.

FIAB will involve four Spanish companies, namely Productos Trevijano S.L., Conservas Lolín S.L., Conservas Ortiz S.A. and Delaviuda Confectionary Group. All of them will be present as exhibitors at the Kaufhof Galleries and part of Shopping Night. All these promotional events will enhance the visibility of the Spanish agri-food products abroad. This initiative responds to the objective of strengthening the presence of our products and helps to promote our companies in the German market, complementing the Spanish participation in Anuga 2015.

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All about Anuga

On October 10 are reopened the doors of the Anuga Fair in Cologne (Germany). Until October 14, the biennial exhibition brings together international professionals from all segments of the food sector within the ten specialized fairs and has become one of the unmissable.

In the edition of Anuga 2013, a total of 155,000 professionals from more than 100 countries around the world attended the fair in search of new trends. This year, a total of 243 Spanish companies form part of the Spanish Pavilion, surpassing the participation of last year. Anuga is the place to discover new trends and products within and discover the lines of action and market developments. Through presentations, workshops, symposia and tastings, visitors will try to identify opportunities for new markets, through its suppliers, new products and developments.

During 2014, exports to Germany amounted food and drinks worth 1,514 million euros, experiencing an average annual increase of 5% in the last five years. Thus, the German market was formed as the fifth worldwide destination of our exports. Among the most exported products, it highlights the wine with 371 million euros, followed by pork (220 million euros) and spirits, with 66 million.

Source: FIAB

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