SPACE 2018: An exceptional density with a global impact

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The SPACE 2018 fair, which was held between 11 and 14 September at the Rennes Exhibition Park, has ended as an edition of exceptional quality, with a large influx and accompanied by a radiant sun. These four days have confirmed the global impact of the fair and have served to highlight the strength of agriculture in Western France, which has hosted consecutively in their territory Les Terres de Jim – the national event of Young Farmers – and SPACE, which is part of the most important international fairs in this sector.

This edition, number 32, has welcomed 1410 exhibitors from 42 countries and 108 347 visitors, of which 14 418 international visitors from 121 different countries. There has been a slight decrease in the attendance of French visitors (-6.65%) compared to the 2017 edition, but its presence is still satisfactory. This variation is mainly due to the coincidence of dates with corn silage, which has been advanced fifteen days this year. Regarding the international presence, a slight increase has been observed (+2.8%), which reflects the unique appeal of SPACE at an international level, despite a particularly marked competitive context this year.

An edition characterized by its international vision, by innovation at the service of working conditions and by sanitary excellence. Rennes has received delegations from all over the world: India, Japan, China, Korea, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Maghreb, West Africa, etc. All these actors attended the meeting of Planète Elevage (Planet Livestock). It is necessary to emphasize this diversity of origin, since it constitutes one of the main characteristics of SPACE in the world panorama of agricultural fairs. The meetings between poultry and swine interprofessionals from West Africa and France, organized for the first time this year, are a clear example of the will to materialize the exchanges and place SPACE in a dimension in which links can be woven and bridges built for future developments worldwide.

«L’Espace pour Demain» (The space for tomorrow) moderated by the Chambers of Agriculture, has presented and explained in a very pragmatic and visionary way the solutions and modifications necessary to improve the working conditions of our farmers. Increasing the attractiveness of these trades is a strong point of our approach and the vast assistance to this space is a clear sign of the relevance of the choice of this important topic.

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Innovation has again been the theme of this room. The 39 winners of Innov’Space, five of them with special mention, show the interest shown by the breeders by the new solutions that are presented to them to improve their labor quality, the welfare of their animals, the management of their data, etc.

The issue of health excellence, presented in several ways: animal presentations, conferences or visits to farms, has also aroused great interest and demonstrated the existing competencies in our structures.

All these main axes, along with other topics, have been discussed in a large number of conferences and meetings (around a hundred). An exceptional influx that has made SPACE a unique moment of reflection and exchange for the future of the livestock sector.

Our excellent showcase of animal presentations has also had an unprecedented quality. 750 animals were presented (550 cattle of 13 different breeds and 200 sheep). For the first time in SPACE, a national contest of the Parthenaise race has been organized, which has shown a first quality presentation with 70 head of cattle. The Challenge France of the Prim’Holstein race has been a great success and has consolidated SPACE as the reference fair for the valorisation of genetics.

The next edition of SPACE will be held from Tuesday 10 to Friday, September 13, 2019.

The official visits of Stéphane TRAVERT, Minister of Agriculture and Food, of Richard FERRAND, President of the National Assembly, as well as of Loïg CHESNAIS-GIRARD, President of the Brittany region, have also meant important moments in SPACE 2018, since they have made it possible to appreciate before our political leaders the great quality of this event and all the elements related to its organization. SPACE is the sample that our agriculture is in full change and that its evolution is very fast. The greater quality of the stands and the attention given by the exhibitors to their presentation are proof of this. This evolution has been especially remarkable this year.

The influx and high quality of this edition are, therefore, proof of the capacity and determination of our sector to adapt and constantly evolve in order to respond to the needs of our society. The success of SPACE 2018 also recalls the need for all the links of the subsidiaries to act collectively to perpetuate the dimension of our agriculture and respond to an increasingly secure demand for food.


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