Spain: Demand for rapeseed in Europe stimulates the interest of farmers

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The fairgrounds of Salamanca hosted in late August I Technical Seminar organized by the company Rape Pitched Barnabas, in collaboration with the agricultural publication field, and in which were announced some of the advantages of growing canola in Castilla and Leon, and the best techniques and strategies for good management or make a perfect weed control. All run by professionals and experts from different companies in the sector, who highlighted the importance of this crop, safety, adaptability to soil and high volume production is growing for a decade.

All in the Hall of the fairground with more than 200 farmers and professionals who wanted to rape the latest developments in the sector, and the best tools and measures to take for this crop profitable full. Some of them have been cultivating for more than a decade and others went to Salamanca to know why they should go for it. Among others, which has doubled its production in the last campaign in Castilla y Leon still having moments of drought and extreme temperature changes.

The opening of the conference was given by Ricardo Sanchez of the company Pitched Barnabas, who recalled that just a few years ago were doubts about its adaptability in the region “and yet there is increasing hectares planted.” He also wanted to point out some of the advantages of this culture “clean much land” and works well in the province of Salamanca, not forgetting to warn farmers of the room they had in mind the herbicides used the previous year.

Choosing the best variety of rapeseed, the correct date of sowing or top dressing fertilizer with sulfur are some of the key put on the table at the beginning of the day by Pitched, whose leaders recalled the importance of conducting a soil test for successful development of this crop. “When choosing seed, herbicide or fertilizer we recommend that you guide them on the experiences of neighbors who also grow colza, some for more than ten years,” as José Antonio Pitched said.


At the opening of the day was this Ivan Benito, CaixaBank, who explained to the audience the different product lines and specialized in agriculture services, or Agroinversión loan agreements signed with the Government of Castile and Leon. Agrobank has 578 offices in Spain, 40 of them in the community and many of them in the villages, in order to reach all farmers in the region.

High potential in low productivity plots

For its part, the delegate of Near Pioneer, Eva Pelaz showed brand technology and better management of the crop for maximum profitability. “We no longer talk of trial fields, because there is extensive experience in rape”, a crop with high potential in those plots less productive and highly adaptable to all types of soil, which does not need high temperatures for their development, as he explained during his lecture.

Eva Pelaz rape has many reasons to choose this crop farmers, improving soil structure. “The qualities of rapeseed oil are good and the increased demand helps to think having security,” according to the head of Pioneer he said, surprised by the crop yield after a year of drought and strong heat waves in May and June . In addition, Pelaz also unveiled new technology to Clearfield canola, “a good solution for weed control.”

Precisely in controlling weeds he focused the last of the papers, by Christophe Desvals, Belchim, who explained the different brand products to perform treatments in rapeseed crops, highlighting the features and benefits of the thereof, such as flexibility of use and effectiveness and persistence, “sufficient to control nascencias until late winter.”
Source: CAMPAL