UPA Madrid calls for unity in the case of Xylella fastidiosa and ASAJA for a solution and greater control

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 After the appearance of the first case of Xylella fastidiosa in the Community of Madrid, specifically in an olive grove in Villarejo de Salvanés, the Union of Small Farmers and Cattle Rangers of Madrid (UPA Madrid) has shown its “deep concern” and explained that “a At the foot of the field, this sentiment extends beyond the olive trees because this bacterium poses a deadly threat to woody crop species. In addition, the Agrarian Association of Young Farmers (ASAJA) has also taken a stand on this, and has asked for a solution and greater control.

UPA Madrid has attended the afternoon of this Monday at the first meeting of the working group created by the Ministry to fight against the form against Xylella fastidiosa. This is an aquatic meeting with the requirement that there is maximum coordination between administrations and, at the same time, with the confidence that the measures that the European Union marks in these cases.

In turn, this organization has also called for “the maximum cooperation of all farmers.” And it is that the role of the latter “is essential when detecting, diagnosing and mapping cases, with the aim of knowing the real situation of the plague.” The organization has been made available to all of them in their office of work and in the technical agronomic service. In addition, it will hold informative visits “town by town so that even the last farmer is informed”.

UPA Madrid has revealed that “this case can not have appeared in a worse place”, that it is the area with the greatest wine and olive production (200,000 olive trees out of the total of millions in the Community of Madrid).

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In addition, the town is very close to Castilla-La Mancha, so the high risk of crossing the regional border. For this reason, the organization has already been in contact with the UPA regional organizations that are bordering the Community of Madrid and with the areas in which they already have experience fighting the Xylella, UPA País Valenciano and UPA Baleares. “The entire organization is committed to helping young people in this crisis,” they concluded from UPA Madrid.

ASAJA has also talked about it

For his part, the president of ASAJA, after recognizing and assessing the performance of the Administration in the control and detection of the Xylella fastidiosa bacterium, has asked that no means be repaired “to advance in the search for a solution to this serious disease that affects a good part of the woody crops “. He also asked that the actions between the different administrations and the agrarian organizations be coordinated so that “we are able to take advantage of this misfortune to become leaders in the fight against this disease.”

Pedro Barato has valued the efforts that both the producing sector and the different administrations are making to prevent the expansion of the Xylella fastidiosa in our territory and has congratulated for the “effectiveness of the activated protocols that are allowing the rapid detection of new outbreaks” .

He has also demanded that the actions be coordinated between the different administrations and the representatives of the producers, that is, the agrarian organizations and that the controls be maintained in all the producing areas.

“We need not to repair media to advance the investigation for a solution for the Xylella fastidiosa”, has claimed Barato, which in addition to the presidency of ASAJA also holds the Interprofessional of Olive Oil of Spain and has announced that this last organization will collaborate this year in the research of six lines of work in which 13 Spanish centers participate in a coordinated way to investigate and prevent the expansion of the bacteria.

After remembering that this serious problem that now affects our territory was already detected in 2011 in California and in 2013 in Italy, Barato has opted for a much more active control of the entry of imported plant material because “either prevention or In the end, we can have another type of complicated situation “, alluding to the danger represented by the expansion of the bacteria.

Finally, the president of ASAJA has urged to take advantage of this misfortune that now affects us to become world leaders, as we already are in the production of olive oil, also in the fight against this disease that affects the Spanish olive grove, as well as good part of the woody crops.


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