Tradecorp launches Spotter® WG and Cardinal®, two fungicides aimed at pome fruit trees

Tradecorp has just launched two new products aimed at pip fruit crops that seek to provide protection against pathogens, protecting the tree and the environment. The new fungicide Spotter® WG is intended to prevent mottling in fruit trees of pip, apple tree and pear tree. In addition this product has a secondary action especially effective against Stemphylium and Oidium.

Spotter® WG combines the action of two active substances – Difenoconazole and Kresoxim-methyl – and acts as a preventive, curative and antisporulant.

To confirm the results of this new function, Tradecorp has carried out various tests on apple farms in France and Spain with excellent results against the control of Basidiomycetes. In these plantations the effectiveness of Spotter® WG has been proven in apple crops of the Golden Delicious, Roya Gala and Galaxy varieties.

Another characteristic of this new fungicide is its resistance to washing, so it is not necessary to repeat the application, in climates with high rainfall.

Active principles:

The selection of the active materials and their proportion are the result of Numbers studies and trials of Tradecorp to provide a total coverage against the fungus. Difenoconazole is a contact fungicide, with a powerful systemic activity that the leaves absorb quickly, so it protects them completely and accompanies the growth of the fruit.

Kresoxim-methyl acts on the leaves and fruits through its gaseous diffusion. Once this solution is dry, the active principle continues to act on the plant tissues since it remains in the solid deposits and is introduced via the translaminar route through the waxy layer and the stomata.


On the other hand, Cardinal is also a broad spectrum systemic fungicide whose absorption method is different from the rest of fungicides. It is also indicated against mottle or scab of pip fruit. Its main characteristic is that the leaves quickly absorb the product and presents a translaminar distribution and acromegal system which guarantees an effective and complete protection of the crop.

It is indicated as a preventive and curative fungicide during the incubation period of fungi and resists washing and high rainfall climates. Nor is it affected by low temperatures, which is why it is indicated for the northernmost regions of the Peninsula.


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