Rosario Martín opens as the first president of La Unión, coinciding with World Women’s Day

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The Union appoints president and CEO to Rosario Martín Maldonado, the first in the history of this Alhóndiga, coinciding with the celebration of International Women’s Day. Martín, who will occupy this post for the next five years, succeeds Gabriel Barranco, who has served as president of this company for 20 years and becomes its honorary president. Both belong to the founding group of the company, created in 1993. The relay, approved today, March 8th, by the Board of Directors, places for the first time a woman at the highest level of responsibility in the Almeria agrarian sector.

The new President has a 25-year history linked to La Unión since its inception. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the company and, among other tasks, he has worked as Production Manager, a role he continues to exercise from a strategic point of view

Rosario Martín Maldonado is considered a pioneer woman in the development of intensive agriculture in Almeria and its international projection. The sector highlights its role as one of the driving women of the current “Modelo Almeria” as well as its entrepreneurial vision to enhance what is now the main economic resource of the province of Almeria.

The first measure adopted under her presidency has been to approve the first criminal complaince, with the intention of helping the legal representatives, administrative body, employees and any person subject to the authority of the company, to comply with the applicable rules, providing them with a clear statement of policies and procedures. And to assist all the people referred to above in the identification and correction of any real and perceived violation by them.

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With a turnover of € 327 M in the 2016/2017 campaign, La Union has a workforce of 1,500 people (56% women and 44% men) in its 26 work centers in Almería and Granada.

The Union is located in the position 1 of the ranking of companies of wholesale trade of fruits and vegetables of the province and in the top 5 at national level

Source: The Union


➡️The Union trains its employees against gender violence

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