InLac agreement with the Xunta to promote the consumption of dairy products in a healthy diet

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The Health Council of the Xunta de Galicia and the Milk Interprofessional (InLac) have signed a framework agreement to promote the consumption of milk and dairy products as basic elements of healthy eating and have expressed their concern about the decrease in ingestion of these foods among the Galician population.

This agreement represents a new framework under which both sides will continue working to defend the health benefits of milk and dairy products. Milk and its derivatives are notable for the high protein content of high biological value, for its calcium content and for its contribution of fat and fat soluble vitamins.

In Galicia the consumption of milk is almost 90 liters -person-year-above the national average of 73 liters-person-year-, constituting the main source of calcium in the diet

However, in the last years the consumption of dairy products has a decreasing tendency, although, according to a study prepared by the Interprofessional, the children of Galicia (99%) like milk and drink it daily, and the 87% of mothers say they are satisfied with their children’s dairy consumption.

This agreement has as main lines of action:

  • to obtain consensus on recommendations for consumption of dairy foods according to national and international standards and recommendations;
  • promote the development of information and training programs to improve the knowledge of eating habits of healthy eating;
  • to promote research and innovation by looking for the possible beneficial and nutritional effects of dairy products such as the design of new and innovative products of quality;
  • seek alternatives to meet the demands of consumers, encouraging new habits and forms of consumption
  • and initiate any other activity that results in the improvement of the health of the population and the adoption of healthy living habits.

About InLac

InLac is the interprofessional that encompasses the whole dairy sector, whose members represent both the branch of production (ASAJA, COAG, UPA and Agro-Alimentary Cooperatives of Spain) as well as the transforming branch (FENIL and Agro-Food Cooperatives of Spain). InLac is the backbone of the dairy sector whose mission is to represent the common interests of the cow, sheep and goat dairy chain, through the design, agreement and implementation of binding measures aimed at its structure and sectoral stability.

Source: InLac


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