García Tejerina pays homage to the murdered rancher, José Luis Iranzo


The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, has closed the act of homage to the COAG breeder, José Luís Iranzo, where he has expressed the respect and recognition of the entire Government towards Iranzo and the two Civil Guards, Víctor Romero and Víctor Jesús Caballero, murdered three months ago in Teruel.

In his speech, the minister said that José Luis “will always be a reference for any farmer or farmer of the XXI century” and an example of solidarity and dedication for anyone. He has also highlighted his vocation and his love for the countryside, as well as his incessant work for the benefit of all farmers and ranchers, and his contribution to Spain moving towards a dynamic and modern agriculture, adapted to the new times.

Likewise, García Tejerina has indicated that Iranzo, from his beginnings as a young pastor, “knew how to defend the interests of Aragonese and Spanish farmers and farmers, both nationally and Europeanly.” Among other responsibilities, he was part of the National Executive Committee of COAG, he was State Coordinator of the Area of ​​Agricultural Youth of COAG, member of the Executive Commission of UAGA-COAG Aragón, and President of the Agricultural Cooperative of Andorra. “José Luis was more than 20 years representing the rural environment and the primary sector, and knew how to value the great importance they have and deserve agriculture and livestock,” he added.

In addition, the minister has valued Iranzo’s deep knowledge of the challenges facing the sector and his “tireless defense” of the social and professional model of agriculture and extensive sheep farming, nationally and internationally


According to the minister, Iranzo “knew that this type of livestock is fundamental for the times in which we live and for the defense and development of rural territories”

Finally, García Tejerina has recognized the work that Iranzo has developed for the social recognition of herding, the quality of its products and the environmental and social services it offers to the territory and society. In short, “José Luis will always be remembered for his work, which day after day he performed with effort and dedication, and for his solidarity with his teammates.”

Source: MAPAMA

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