FEDEMCO celebrates the XXIV General Assembly

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The Federation represents a sector which has an annual turnover over 300 million euros. Promotion and defense of the interests of industry are the main objectives of the organization.

Last June 23 was held at the Hotel NH Center in Valencia, the XXIV General Assembly FEDEMCO. The event brought together manufacturers of packaging, packaging and wooden pallets, boards and other components.

FEDEMCO currently includes more than 90 companies, representing an annual turnover of over 300 million euros. In the last period they have been incorporated packaging manufacturers, Hifeda Cooperativa Valenciana and Envasalia Fruit, SL (Extremadura) and collaborator Industrial Color Company, SA, ink supplier.

As has been the case in recent years, the sector of packaging manufacturers experienced a slight growth in its turnover in 2014 from the previous year, 2.5%, market recognition of continuous improvement in process technology and materials and the quality of the finished product.

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Regarding the production of fruit and vegetable packaging highlights that almost 60% of manufactured formats responds to sales units and boxes Trey who focused on the presentation of products.

At the meeting the Federation made a presentation to members of the 2014 activity report.

It highlights various initiatives in cooperation with the sector both nationally and internationally, especially in defense of the interests of industry, promotion of foreign markets, food, phytosanitary and environmental compliance and sustainability.

In particular, the opportunity offered favorable recent scientific studies on the use of wood in contact with food as well as the ecological positioning statement regarding packaging carbon footprint, for which FEDEMCO has made a calculator called “stressed FEDEMCO2 -data”.

FEDEMCO also develops a wide activity of marketing, communication and sales promotion, highlighting the attendance at fairs, Internet, press, media and own media such as newsletters, brochures, videos, etc. In 2014 it emphasizes the renovation of its website to enhance its commercial nature, as well as the inclusion of French as a third language.
After the Assembly and the group photo, FEDEMCO offered a meal in the hotel attendees who enjoyed in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.