“The agrifood sector needs women engineers”

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On the occasion of the International Day of Working Women, in Agro Woman and Agrarian Trade we want to value the work of thousands of women who perform an important task in the agri-food sector. One of those women who inspire us is Rosa Gallardo, the first woman to hold the position of director of the Higher Technical School of Agronomists and Forestry in Córdoba, a position that she assumes, as she herself recognizes, with naturalness but aware that they are necessary of women engineers to show that they can perform any position and function.

By Marga López, agrifood journalist

It is difficult to find women in positions similar to yours, what do you think you have contributed to the Higher Technical School of Agronomists and Montes de Córdoba for the fact of being a woman?

The evolution of the presence of women in our classrooms and in the agricultural sector in general has improved, although there is still a long way to go. Steps must be taken to improve their access to positions of responsibility in this sector, both in the public and private sectors. Perhaps the most important contribution I can make is to help perceive it naturally, not as something exceptional. My goal and that of the entire management team is to work every day to improve the functioning, positioning and visibility of ETSIAM, to “Make School”, to bring together the group of men and women who are linked to this Center.

She has stated on several occasions the need to carry out actions that promote the scientific vocation of girls and women, until we reach a point of equilibrium. What role can and should the institution you represent play there?

The role of the university is essential, but it would be useless if it is not done in a coordinated way with those who have responsibility in the previous stages. From the university we must get even closer to young women, to show the suitability of this training for women and the need that society has for women engineers in general, and agronomists or foresters in particular. There are necessary references of women engineers, of women professionals dedicated to the agrarian or forestry sector, who have helped to develop these sectors and who show that they can perform any position and function.

The Agro Women Forum seeks to give visibility to the agro-professional woman, do you think these events are necessary?

They are very necessary, to make visible is essential, it is essential that society knows so that later it recognizes the role of the agro-professional woman. These forums can identify obstacles, barriers, share successful experiences and, above all, establish alliances to improve the presence of women among the agroforestry professions.

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