Spain forecast grain harvest 23.4 million tons

FORD Febrero

Agro-food Cooperatives of Spain has made an initial appraisal of the grain harvest of 23.4 million tons with an expected yield 3.91 t / ha, once analyzed the situation in the field and yields.

This performance is similar to the harvest of 2013, which exceeded 24 million tons. This is a first estimate because rains and low temperatures are delaying the cycle of cereal in all the Autonomous Communities.

It highlights the sharp drop in corn surface a 20.41% compared to 2015, causing a decrease of more than 20% in production. Barley has a slight recovery of 1.42% compared surface 2015, which will entail an increase in production of 41.56% and improved performance over 2015, going from 2.63 t / ha. to 3.67 t / ha. In wheat despite having a surface falling 2.38%, it is expected to increase in production of 38.43%. While durum wheat recovers 14% of surface to 2015, which will increase its production by 27.01%.

Source: Agro-food Cooperatives

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