Expobiomasa 2019. Valladolid

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24 September, 2018 1:00 am


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Asociación Española de Valorización Energética de Biomasa

The Spanish Association of Biomass Energy Valorization -AVEBIOM- officially launches the Expobiomasa call (24-26 September 2019) with the opening of the contracting period. After eleven successive editions of success, AVEBIOM announces the 12th edition of the Biomass Technology Specialized Fair in Valladolid, with the hope of continuing to promote the largest professional meeting specialized in the energy use of reference biomass for Spain and Portugal, and commercial bridge between Europe and Latin America. Expobiomasa, which continues on a biennial basis, thus reinforces its outstanding position in the ranking as one of the five best fairs in the sector worldwide and will alternate in the calendar of international events with the celebration of important fairs, such as Progetto Fuoco in Verona.

Expobiomasa is a professional meeting: 78% of visitors already work on biomass projects. The event has become a meeting point for the different professionals that make up its entire value chain, although there are two groups of professionals who come to Expobiomasa to sit with suppliers and find technological solutions.

For the majority, both visitors and exhibitors, Expobiomasa is the best professional trade fair they attend, a main reason why 90% of professionals say they will attend the next edition. 89% of the professionals that attended the last edition, assure that they attended to find “news, offers and business opportunities”, and 90% do not hesitate to qualify as “satisfactory visit”.

It is noteworthy that Expobiomasa attended three hundred professionals from the Americas, highlighting the participation of visitors from Mexico, Chile and Argentina, countries that actively promote the use of biomass as a source of energy and in which it is increasing very quickly the import of technology.

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Among Europeans, Portugal, by proximity and importance of the sector, is still the country most represented behind Spain, both in exhibitors and visitors, the latest edition we have more than a thousand visitors from the Portuguese country. Other countries highlighted are Italy and France.

Expobiomasa will be the trade fair specialized in the most important sector in Europe in 2019. This is the opinion of the European associations of biomass and the exhibiting companies, which when surveyed indicate by 94% that Expobiomasa is equal to or better than other professional fairs in the energy sector.

The registration period of exhibitors with discounts that can reach 60% of savings is already open.

The fair is one of the few events able to offer figures on the economic return of investment in participation. According to the surveys of the organization, it is estimated that the latest edition of Expobiomasa facilitated an increase in sales to all exhibitors close to 17.2 million euros, 25% more than in 2015.