Florette supports the local and sustainable development of its areas of influence

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Florette, a vegetable company from Navarre, ready for consumption, continues with its contribution to society and the surrounding environment and participates in various minority activities to support the local, economic and environmental development of its areas of influence. In addition to this concern to contribute to the areas where you have activity, also worries about the eating habits of the Spanish and puts all the resources that are in your hand to help people to feed better by creating practical and healthy products adapted to all tastes and needs.

For this double reason, it has been developing its support plan for sport initiatives that are developed at the local level but that have a great impact on its citizens. To raise awareness of the importance of practicing sports and eating in a balanced way, Florette participates in the donation of ready-to-eat apple bags (washed and cut).

In addition, it involves a direct way to its workers, since it participates in races, marches or other sports activities that are in their areas of influence. In the last 3 years he has already donated more than 19,000 fruit rations in more than 8 autonomous communities and has participated in the March Against Cancer of the AECC of Navarra, the Duathlon of Torre-Pacheco in Murcia, the Race of Rare Diseases Navarra or the V Popular Race of Villarta in Cuenca, among many other activities.

‘Participating in this type of sporting action seems fundamental to raise awareness in society about the importance of carrying out a healthy life, that is, combining sports with a balanced diet. “In all the women we collaborate distributing apple because the fruit is a key piece to replenish energy after a sport activity”, affirms Clara Munilla, director of quality and social responsibility of Florette.

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These collaborations are within the ‘Florette Commitment’, a comprehensive plan by which activities can be carried out for the good of society and the environmental and economic environment, and for which 10% of their annual investment is allocated. Florette has agricultural fields scattered throughout the peninsula and the Canary Islands and has production centers in Navarra (Milagro and Arguedas), Murcia (Torre-Pacheco), Cuenca (Iniesta), Toledo (Noblejas) and Canarias (Ingenio).


➡️Florette completes the expansion of its center for innovation in raw materials

➡️Florette completes the expansion of its center for innovation in raw materials

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