Basis country for the internationalization of Spanish companies in South America


Stability, legal certainty, competitiveness, low taxation, free repatriation of dividends and a young and educated workforce and are the main attractions that Paraguay offers Spanish companies that want to invest in the country.

This has been emphasized during the meeting that was held in Madrid the President of the Paraguayan Republic, Manuel Cartes, with Spanish companies in a breakfast meeting has been organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and the Ministry of Commerce.

The Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism Spanish, Jose Manuel Soria and the president of the Chamber of Valencia and member of the Executive Committee of the House of Spain, José Vicente Morata, accompanied by Paraguayan President in his meeting with Spanish investors.

Cartes, who was accompanied by several cabinet ministers, said that although the Paraguayan market is not overly large, 6 million consumers, geographically occupies a strategic location that makes this country a platform and a key logistic center for internationalization Spanish companies in South America and involves access to a market of 200 million consumers.


During the meeting, the Paraguayan president has asked the Spanish company’s presence in their country. “The experience and knowledge we have in sectors such as agribusiness, tourism, infrastructure, energy or transport, makes us very attractive for investors because Paraguay is a country emerging, with many opportunities to discover. Therefore, it is time to sit down and start negotiating, because opportunities do not expect. ” Also, Cartes has announced that the next meeting of Mercosur, Paraguay prompted greater efforts to advance the Free Trade Agreement with the European Union.

The member of the Executive Committee of the House of Spain, José Vicente Morata, highlights the macroeconomic developments, social policy, health, education and poverty reduction that has conducted the Paraguayan government.

For its part, the Paraguayan Minister of Industry and Trade, Gustavo Leite, stressed that Paraguay has become the most competitive economy in South America, which occur in that country is a very profitable business decision.

Source: Empresa exterior

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