Winner in Spain in the European Business Awards

CASE Ih – New Holland

It is the prestigious largest and most important business recognition of Europe, based in London.

Idai Nature as national winner will represent all innovative companies in Spain in the European final in the category RSM Entrepreneur of the Year Award in it will compete with the best innovative company of each country, including the most innovative company will be chosen Europe.

An independent panel of international judges including business and academic leaders, has selected Idai Nature in the category of best innovator of Spain.

These awards are supported by business leaders, academics, media and political representatives from across Europe and aims to support the development of stronger business community and success through the best companies in Europe.

Continental Int Noticia

The European Business Awards are now in their ninth year, more than 24,000 companies chose the prize last year, and the public vote generated more than 170,000 votes from across Europe and more than 500,000 visits to the finalists. More information about the award in

Source: Idai Nature