“We want people to have fun cooking and are fed healthy and flavorful”. Torres Bros.

New Holland abril

Sergio and Javier left their mark, in duplicate, fun and educational in everything they touch, all that are cooking, in every corner of the Spanish pantry are their fields and waters. On seasonal product turns your kitchen: take full advantage of the simple, but do not skimp on venturing into the umbra Amazon u to add new ingredients, but sifted through their prism. You can know a bit of them in this exclusive interview.

e-Comercio Agrario: Both Sergio and Javier, What kind of roll has each one of you in the restaurant?

Sergio Torres: Well both bring in what refers to the creativity of the recipes, once one begins and the other provides technical and knowledge and vice versa. We cook four hands (laughs). So it all adds up more.

ECA: We did famous medially, touring Spain product to product. Now you are immersed in another. How do you value the experience?


Javier Torres: If you mean the program we did a couple of years “Cocina2” where traveling around Spain showing the products and recipes, the experience was great, we enjoyed and learned a lot.

We are now in a new project that is giving us many joys. “Torres in the kitchen” is a daily program from Monday through Friday in La 1 TVE, where we want the taste recovers cook with simple recipes and where to get results teach haute cuisine. We want to help people have fun cooking and is fed up healthy and flavorful.

ECA: The orchard, farm and Spanish pantry are countless culinary collection of raw materials. What products of land and sea have detected that may be “endangered”? What solutions do you propose to off?

ST: Perhaps by overfishing, wild fish. To alleviate this problem, perhaps there should be more support for producers, artisans, fishermen, besides us aware that we consume more seasonal products that make the supply chain force not wanting to consume all products in all seasons.

ECA: Let’s jump the pond, what products you appreciate Latin American cuisines and what incorporáis to your kitchen? How?

JT: The truth that many. We love to experiment with new products, perhaps many are Amazon, but also from other regions of Latin America. We are always giving them our “touch Torres”.

ECA: What gastronomic projects you are going to make soon? Can you anticipate something?

ST: We are now engaged in the publication of the book “Torres in the kitchen”, which is already in the Spanish bookstores and hopefully! cross the pond. It is a book with 100 recipes as in any cookbook, the recipes are the base, but it is not structured for food, dishes or types of cooking, but for sections that define very well our way of understanding cuisine based on emotions and memories, including our grandmother Catalina is an important reference and our travels around the world.

JT: Let us not forget also that we share all Torres tricks that make your recipe to get that touch that makes it special, in addition to culinary or historical notes about food and dishes with little handling and maximum respect for the product, become delicacies .