USA: Spanish oil consumption wins the traditional Italian

New Holland abril

It is true that even the good olive oil relates, that triumphs in the best tables in the world with the ‘made in Italy’, but the reality is that in five years that the Spanish producers have surpassed his great rival.
The export data speak for themselves: we also know sell value-added. Thus, foreign sales rank Spain as the absolute world leader and also among new consumers like China (Andalusia alone and has higher figures), India, Russia, South Africa, Mexico and 50’s, where he arrived with brands as the Spanish, Carbonell or Hojiblanca, among others.
And in the last decade oil shipments abroad have doubled, reaching 1.13 million tons, which translates into 2.726 million euros. That is, over 50% of production is for a total of 166 countries.
On the other hand, today Spain remains the major supplier of the Italian oil industry -Copa 42% of exports, as the country is deficient and does not even meet their own internal needs. In fact, imports in 2014 marked the record of the last 20 years and generated a deficit of 151 million euros.

In this competition between the two states the year of the turning point was 2010. Since then, the Spanish olive juice sold 25% more than the neighbor outside communal area. And growing. Of course, we should not lose sight of new competitors such as Australia and Chile.

Another historic victory of national sector experienced last year, when I first product marketing in the United States was equated. This is a great victory for the American country is the third largest consumer of olive oil (294,000 tons), only behind Italy (600,000) and Spain (580,000).

However, there is something that we have not achieved, and is the price: domestic olive oil is still sold cheaper than the Italian euro, which on the one hand encourages to think that Italian is associated with the concept of quality. But from the positive point of view, this fact remains we competitiveness.