Training the best professionals in the art of preparing a good coffee

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Templo Cafés, a subsidiary of UCC Europe, one of the three largest companies in the world coffee sector and one of the only coffee companies in the world present throughout the coffee value chain, from its origin to the cup, promotes a network of Schools in different parts of the peninsula with the aim of training the best professionals in the art of preparing a good coffee. Through qualified training from its 20 centers, the company seeks to disseminate and transmit its experience and passion for coffee

Training center of Seville.

Training center of Seville.

Asturias, Baleares, Barcelona, Madrid, Murcia, Santander, Seville or Valladolid are some of the regions where the company is already present, listening and training the best professionals specialized in preparing a perfect espresso or cappuccino with the exact mix of the pressure of the water, temperature and the dosage of coffee.

“We have a large team of coffee experts and bartenders who train and advise our clients, both in their establishments and in the Temple Coffee Schools themselves,” explains Adrián Lombraña, head of marketing at Templo Cafés. “The fact of covering all stages of coffee, from the seed to the cup, including the experience that gives us visits to the origins of coffee, allows us to have a deep knowledge of the product and the best way to take advantage of it”, Add.

UCC is one of the only coffee companies in the world that covers all stages of coffee. It has its own farms in Jamaica and Hawaii, as well as working with thousands of small coffee farmers with crops in America and the Caribbean, where avant-garde innovation and sustainability projects are developed.


The brand maintains a high level of quality unique worldwide, thanks to audits in situ in the different plantations coffee beans to select the best quality and roast them and export them around the world.

In total, the company produces some 177,000 tons of coffee per year, which positions it as the third largest coffee roaster in the world, with 28 roasting factories worldwide

“We are proud to say that one of the largest coffee roasting facilities of UCC worldwide is in Spain, in our headquarters, Logroño where more than 200 employees work”, says Puri Varea, Director of Production and Quality at UCC Spain.

Coffee beans from Templo Cafés are cultivated with dedication and care, auditing and selecting the best quality green grains in the different plantations in origin. Each one of its coffees preserves the characteristics and unique and typical flavors of each region, origin, altitude and harvests.

Ricard Cardozo, a farmer from Peru who collaborates with UCC, explains his experience: “We work with UCC’s expert staff who come to our plantation, visit it constantly and guarantee maximum profitability and traceability of the coffee, auditing the crops on site”, explains . “One of the issues that differentiates us is that we work with organic coffee and certified something that is increasingly valued by consumers“, he adds.

The firm will launch the Year of Origin in 2018 with exclusive coffees from Colombia, Kenya, Nicaragua or Ethiopia, among others

171124_TEMPLO CAFÉS2 Unique coffees that stand out for their intense, fruity, citric or sweet notes, capable of conquering the most demanding palates in a cup of coffee of unrivaled flavor. For his part, Jorge Fabra, barista expert of Templo Cafés, sentences while serving a cup of coffee from Peru: “the methods of extraction, temperature, and degree of milling completely modify the characteristics and nuances that the consumer can perceive in the cup of coffee“.

About UCC (Ueshima Coffee Company) and Templo Cafés

UCC is a leading family business in the coffee sector worldwide. UCC is an expert in the production and distribution of high quality coffees, as well as in the machines to serve it. In addition, UCC specializes in essential assistance services for retail sales and for the catering market in all aspects related to coffee. Templo Cafés is the brand under which UCC operates in Spain.

Source: Cafés Temple