The president of European farmers knows the Spanish countryside

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The president of COPA-COGECA, Joachim Rukwied, knows during these days the reality of the Spanish countryside by the Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers (UPA) through a visit to several farms in Madrid, where he will be accompanied by the secretary general of UPA Madrid, Jesús Anchuelo, and the representative of this organization in Extremadura, Ignacio Huertas. The latter will be responsible for transferring the serious situation that the field is going through due to drought. the future.

In a European context, with a European Commission about to begin under the mandate of the new president, Ursula von der Leyen, the German president representing COPA-COGECA, the main agricultural organization representative of European agriculture, meets these days with the Spanish agrarian organizations.

Rukwied wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to, by the hand of UPA, visit a fruit and vegetable farm and a vineyard field to “get to know the reality and singularities of the Spanish countryside.” In the exploitation of vineyards, this agricultural organization will demonstrate a project on improvements in techniques for the prevention of plant diseases in the vineyard.

The visit to Spain of Joachim Rukwied, viticulturist and president of the German Association of DBV farmers, also contemplates a bilateral meeting with the presidents of the different OPAS that will take place tomorrow. The representatives of UPA, Lorenzo Ramos and Jose Manuel Roche, will meet tomorrow with Rukwied to analyze and exchange points of view regarding issues of special relevance, such as the reform process of the CAP, the multiannual financial framework (budget) MFP, Brexit or the current European trade policy, especially after the progress in negotiations towards a trade agreement of the countries that make up Mercosur (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay).

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Other issues to be discussed during this meeting will be the climate and environmental issue, the situation of young farmers as well as unfair commercial practices.