The Ministry appoints Gema Hernández as new director of AICA


The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has appointed Gema Hernández Maroñas as the new director of the Food Information and Control Agency (AICA). A career officer and member of the State Agronomist Engineers Corps, Gema Hernández Maroñas has been, previously, deputy assistant director of Fruits and Vegetables, Olive Oil and Wine, and during her professional work in the Ministry she has paid special attention to the wine sector. Until now, he was working within the General Subdirectorate of Support and Coordination of the General Secretariat of Agriculture and Food.

The Agency for Food Information and Control (AICA) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Created within the framework of the Law of Measures to improve the functioning of the food chain, it has the objective of controlling the rights and obligations established in said Law, instructing or initiating the sanctioning procedure if it detects infractions to it.

The control activity is carried out when AICA receives a complaint for breaches of the Food Chain Law, and through inspections ex officio when it has information or indications of possible infractions. In addition, initiates and instructs the corresponding sanctioning procedure in case of detecting any breach.

In addition, AICA is entrusted with the management of information and market control systems in the olive sector and in the wine sector (INFOVI), and since 2016 has been in charge of the official control of operators under the designations of origin (PDO). ) and Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) of supraautonomic scope.

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