The growth of the Spanish import of fruit and vegetables continues

  • The Spanish import of fresh fruits and vegetables in February grew 9% in volume and 12% in value in relation to the same month of the previous year, totaling 282,429 tons and 250 million euros (+ 12%), according to the latest updated data of the Department of Customs and Special Taxes of the Tax Agency, maintaining the increasing evolution of the previous month and of previous years, according to FEPEX.

The Spanish import of vegetables in the month of February of this year increased by 1.2% compared to February 2018, totaling 153,135 tons, with a much higher growth in the value obtained, of 28%, totaling 95 million euros, being the potato the main imported product, with 32 million euros, followed by the green bean with 15 million euros, tomato with 11.3 million euros.

The import of fruits in February grew 20% in volume and 4% in value in relation to the same month of 2018, totaling 129.294 tons for a value of 154.7 million euros, being banana, apple and pineapple the most imported in volume, with 32,817 tons (+ 63%) in the case of plantain, 18,807 in the case of apples (+ 46.5%) and 13,315 tons in pineapple (+ 12%). In value, the raspberry stood out with 27 million euros, followed by the banana with 18 million euros and the apple with 13 million euros.

In the accumulated of January and February, the Spanish import of fresh fruit and vegetables stood at 569,692 tonnes, 10% more than in the first two months of 2018, with a value of 507 million euros, 18.5% more . The import of vegetables stood at 316,804 tons (+ 6%) and 194 million euros (+ 32%) and fruit imports totaled 252,888 tons (+ 15%) and 313 million euros (+ 11%). The data show the strong progression of the Spanish import of fruits and vegetables in 2019, according to FEPEX, increasing even the growth rate of 2018, when imports increased by 8% in volume and 9% in value.

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