The flavor regains its prominence with the new varieties of stone fruit

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The new stone fruit varieties where flavor is their main characteristic are ready to go around the sector needs. Among them, those of the breeder PSB Producción Vegetal stand out, which we can see these days in the Viveros Hernandorena Catalog Field, which opens its doors by previous appointment.


Viveros Hernandorena. Fruta de Hueso

If a few years ago, the main demands at the agronomic level in stone fruit were earliness, due to the need to reach the shelves as soon as possible, the reality today begins to be different. The flavor prevails in the varietal improvement lines as a key element to conquer the consumer. The nursery sector has important variety programs that include this flavor, now placing the highest quality material in the production field. “We cannot forget what the market demands, in addition to being agronomically interesting varieties, they must have flavor with few degrees Brix. Fortunately, this is changing, and in the new stone fruit plantations they are clearly betting on this line”, says Rosa Hernandorena, commercial director of Viveros Hernandorena .


One of these varietal programs is the PSB breeder, perhaps the most prominent in Europe in terms of flavored stone fruit. “We work with their varieties, which cover the entire campaign, from early until late and where flavor is the key element at the moment”, argues Rosa Hernandorena, who continues to highlight the importance of these licenses for her available nursery: “We can produce a quality plant, but if I don’t have a good variety in it, I’m out of the market”.

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But just as for Viveros Hernandorena it’s important to have the PSB licenses, for the breeder the collaboration with a professional and specialized nursery is key: “The breeder values the respect for their varieties by the nursery, plant health, knowledge and promoting these, the experience, the service that offers the farmer in terms of training and advice, that is, for my key to have a good variety in my plant and he wants an excellent plant for his variety”.

Visits to Field Catalog Varieties of PSB


Viveros Hernandorena. Fruta de Hueso

In this context of support and advice to the farmer, Viveros Hernandorena has an Experimentation Field where we can find more than 120 varieties of peach, pavia, nectarine, apricot and paraguayans, a field that now opens its doors to receive visits from producers. “This year the visits are made by previous appointment and with all the security measures established by the administrations. We have a Security Kit, with gloves and a mask, for all who visit us feel comfortable, and we can detect the agronomic behavior of these varieties, which we are convinced will revolutionize and contribute to giving a boost to the stone fruit sector”, says the commercial director.

Importance of the pattern

Just as variety is important, so is pattern. Currently, Viveros Hernandorena works with a group of selected new generation patterns that, in addition to adapting to the soil, provide resistance to nematodes and, above all, early fruit quality and homogeneity: “Achieving quality stone fruit is not easy So if we have good varieties and a good pattern, we achieve the perfect combination”, says Rosa. In this sense, Rootpac®40, from Agromillora, stands out.

Adaptation to each client


Viveros Hernandorena. Fruta de Hueso

The plant production, Viveros Hernandorena the realization on request, with the maximum adaptation in pattern and variety to the demand of the client, in a pot, which allows them to be planted in the field throughout the year. “And all this certified by our own production system Guided just in time, a protocolized system that allows the plant to be guided with a tutor during its growth, guaranteeing its homogeneity and quality. The success of the client’s plantation is our success, it’s emotional. And it is that when a producer bets on our nursery, he puts his illusions in the plant, it’s his professional but also personal project, and for this reason, for us it’s vital for the plant we offer to be the best for the success of his exploitation”, Rosa Hernandorena concludes.




Guided technical visits to nursery and field Catalog

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