The export of black table olives to the US falls 50%

New Holland abril

The export of black olives from Spain to the US in the period January-July 2019 was estimated at 8,325 tons. Behind have been Morocco with 6,940, Portugal with 3,122, Egypt with 2,315 and other countries with 1,184, totaling 21,886 tons.

With respect to the same period of 2017 – the last year without the new tariffs -, the export of Spain has fallen 50% while in the rest of the countries it has grown 260%, highlighting Morocco with 460% more, Portugal (+189 %), Egypt (+ 149%) and Others (+ 228.5%).

The export of Spain has gone from representing 76% of all exports to the US of black olives, to only 38% in the same period compared.

In this way, the export value of Spain has increased in the analyzed period from 36.4 million dollars to 19.4, that is, 47% less, having stopped exporting 17 million euros, which added to the 28.5 of 2018, already represent an export loss of 45.5 million euros in 2018 and what we have in 2019.


In addition to this loss, the cost of legal defense of the interests of black olives already reaches 5 million euros, with its continuation being estimated at 2.5 million more, having also repeatedly requested help from the EU and Spain.

ASEMESA, Spanish Association of Exporters and Industrialists of Table Olives, has been representing for more than 90 years the industry dedicated to the elaboration, marketing and export of table olives in Spain.