The export of black olive from Spain to the US drops 42.4% in the first quarter

New Holland abril

The export of black table olives from Spain to the US decreased in the first quarter of the year by 42.4% compared to the same period of the previous year, from 6.9 million kilos to 4.0, according to the Department’s information. of US Customs.

Faced with this decline in Spain, exports from the rest of the countries to the US grew by 16.3%, from 7 million kilos to 8.2, highlighting the growth of countries like Morocco that exported 3,000,000 kgs. (+ 33%), Egypt 1,200,000 kgs. (+ 50’0%) and Turkey 400,000 tonnes (+ 82’3%).

The decline in Spain is particularly worrisome since the anti-dumping duty of 17.13% did not start to be applied until January 28 and, in addition, many annual contracts with an expiration date were still in force in the months following said application, which means that the figure of 42’4% is mitigated by these reasons, expecting an even greater fall in the coming months.

In view of this decrease and the increase in the other competing countries, Antonio de Mora, Secretary General, “reiterates its concern and asks all the Administrations, and especially the EU Commission, on behalf of ASEMESA, to defend the sector in the political level with the same forcefulness that has been made in the case of steel and aluminum, since the defense at the technical level may not be enough, remembering that the CAP aid model is at stake “.


ASEMESA recalls that the two agencies of the US Government in charge of the investigations will adopt their definitive resolutions: the Department of Commerce on June 11 in anti-subsidy and anti-dumping investigations, and the International Trade Commission on July 24 in the investigation on the alleged damage to the Californian sector.

ASEMESA, the Spanish Association of Exporters and Industrialists of Table Olives, represents for more than 90 years the industry dedicated to the production, marketing and export of table olives in Spain.

The main objective of the Association is to defend the interests of the table olive industry as well as to intercede with national and international administrations and agricultural organizations. Currently, it also plays an important role within the Interprofessional of the sector, Interaceituna, being one of the promoters of its creation in 2007.


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