The EC examines the proposal for self-regulation of olive oil

New Holland abril

After weeks of intense work, developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Agro-food Cooperatives of Spain defended this Thursday in Brussels the proposal of self-regulation of the olive oil sector before the Directorates General of Agriculture and Competition of The European Commission.

The meeting had a broad participation of the technical services of the Commission, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Competition Commission, a sample of the great attention that from the institutions is being given to the possibility of providing to the olive oil sector of tools that are capable of adapting supply to demand.

The proposal, whose legal basis is based on article 209 of the Regulations of the Common Organization of the Markets, contemplates the possibility that in exceptional situations, in case of excess supply, cooperatives member of Agro-food Cooperatives of Spain can immobilize part of its production with the objective of reducing price volatility and thereby guaranteeing greater consumption stability.

Since it would be the first time that such a tool is approved in the agri-food sector based on the aforementioned article, the European Commission has been analyzing the proposal in great detail and interest since its reception, on July 1.


The meeting was carried out by a positive exchange of opinions, after which it was determined that, during the next few days, the European Commission will ask Agro-food Cooperatives of Spain, officially and in writing, the pertinent complementary documentation to provide greater strength to the proposal. Once the Agro-food Cooperatives of Spain move it, it is expected that the European Commission will send the favorable opinion. However, we regret the time it takes to conclude the procedure.

From Cooperatives Agro-alimentary of Spain we trust in the streamlining of all the procedures so that the sector has this essential tool as soon as possible and can decide its activation if required, taking into account that the current market situation and its perspectives have changed