The CEEV brings together 27 leaders of EU wine companies in Barcelona

New Holland abril

On October 8, the European Committee of Wine Companies (CEEV) organized the first edition of its “General Directors Club” in Barcelona. Around the table, 27 senior officials from large wine companies in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain gathered to discuss the main threats and opportunities facing the EU’s wine sector.

According to statements by the president of the CEEV and chairman of the meeting, Jean-Marie Barrillère: «We decided to organize the CEO Club meeting as an opportunity for the leaders of the EU wine companies to meet annually to discuss the main issues between them at stake for our sector and shaping the long-term strategy of the CEEV. ”At the end of the meeting, organized by Mr. Miguel A. Torres, president of the world-famous Familia Torres winery, a visit to the historic estate was made Mas La Plana de Torres, in the heart of the Penedès region. «It is a great honor for me to host the first meeting of the CEEV CEO Club. I deeply believe that peer collaboration is the best way to ensure the sustainability and continuity of our sector, especially given the challenges that await us in the coming years, ”said Mr. Torres.

In this first edition, the wine leaders discussed four key issues for the sector: the importance of international trade, the actions necessary to curb and adapt to climate change, consumer expectations regarding sustainable wine production and the defense of the concept of drinking wine in moderation in our culture and society as part of a healthy lifestyle.

“It was important that our European trade association contacted the leaders of the wine companies it represents to better understand their vision on key issues. The threats and opportunities are global today and bringing together the leaders of the wine sector of different EU countries to share, discuss and coordinate was an initiative very well received by all, ”said Dr. Ignacio Sánchez Recarte, Secretary General of the CEEV.


This successful event will take place every year in order to feed the long-term strategic planning of the CEEV, in parallel with the daily collaboration with the national associations that are part of the CEEV. The 2020 meeting of the “Club of CEOs” will take place in Portugal.