AEFA re-elects Enrique Riquelme as general secretary

Enrique Riquelme has renewed his position as secretary at the head of the Spanish Association of Agronutrient Manufacturers (AEFA), during the last general assembly held in Madrid. In this way, the CEO of Grupo Agrotecnología, a leading company in the sector of biostimulants and biopesticides in Spain, continues in the position for which he was appointed in 2012.

AgroFresh brings fresh air to Sudamerica

AgroFresh, a company originated in Philadelphia, which has won awards in Spain, Belgium, France, China and recent winner the 2015 Sustainability Award from Rabo Bank opens its doors to the producers of the Southern Cone. Building on more than 15 years of experience in enhancing fruit freshness, quality and value, AgroFresh Solutions Inc. will soon offer its advanced technologies to countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

Lourdes Plana: “The avant-garde of cooking today is over. Madrid Fusion is expecting the next one”

The global event of the kitchen without boundaries is facing the new paths of creativity, as in all editions, and again ready to surprise all professionals and food lovers. Madrid Fusion hosts an unapproachable program. The Spanish and Latin American presence is felt in technical demonstrations, training workshops, contests, auctions and awards. "Rescuing the origins" is the culmination of work by three Latin American cooks to the rescue of endangered raw materials. The director of Madrid Fusion, Lourdes Plana, explains us about this one and other culinary attractions of the congress with an international vocation.

China promotes soybean imports

This legume imports by China grew 44% in September to establish itself as the largest buyer of soybeans world during the last quarter.