EU approves private storage of olive oil

Four consecutive tenders are established that will allow storing the necessary quantities until the rebalancing of the olive oil market is achieved.

Higher prices at the start of the table olive campaign

The drought and the olive grove diminish the harvest of table olives, which will be the shortest of the last decade with only 487,000 tons.

Commercialized 145,400 tons of oil in July

The dynamism of the olive oil market is maintained, with 145,400 tons sold in the month of July. To date, the total quantity sold is 1,303,500 tons, 16% above the previous season, with a monthly average marketing of 130,400 tons.

“Olive Oil Makes a Tastier World” encourages sales of olive oils in the US

Sales of Olive Oils from Spain in the US exceed 28,500 tons in the first quarter of 2019 and strengthens its leadership with 38% of total imports.

Olive oil production will fall more than 40% next season

Cooperatives Agro-alimentary of Spain estimates a reduction of more than 40% in the production of olive oil for the next campaign. Andalucía and Castilla La Mancha lead the decline, which in the case of the latter region, could be up to 60%.

Spanish olive exports fall by 5%

According to data from the General Directorate of Customs, olive exports fell by 5% in 2018, from 308,380 tons to 292,

The US confirms the tariffs and Asemesa asks the EU to take the case to the WTO

The US International Trade Commission (USITC) has formally published its final resolution regarding the impact of imports of black olive from Spain on the California producing sector. As it happened in the preliminary ruling of early August of last year, the USITC has affirmatively decided to conclude that imports of Spanish laws cause harm in that sector.

The export of black olive from Spain to the US drops 42.4% in the first quarter

The export of black table olives from Spain to the US decreased in the first quarter of the year by 42.4% compared to the same period of the previous year, from 6.9 million kilos to 4.0, according to the Department's information. of US Customs.

Portugal will hold the World Olive Oil Summit congress for the first time

Portugal will host for the first time the World Olive Oil Summit, a new international forum for the olive sector that will be held on June 7 and 8, 2018, wheres Santarém will be the hostess. This event, that will celebrate with the main thematic “Olive and Oil”, will be held at the National Exhibition Center .

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