Brexit impact mounts with extra cost totalling €55 million

So far ‘worst case scenario’ avoided but Brexit impact on…

Trade agreements makes positive impact on agri-food sectors

According to a new study published, the EU trade agenda is set…

European Commission launches Green Consumption Pledge

European Commission launches Green Consumption Pledge, first…
European Comission

The new European Commission begins to work

Janusz Wojciechowski, MEP veteran and current member of the European Court of Auditors, is the new Commissioner of Agriculture, while Phil Hogan assumes the Commerce portfolio.

The impact of Mercosur on the Mediterranean sectors reaches the European Parliament

Agustín Herrero has transferred to the Europarliamentarians and members of community institutions that Mercosur poses a threat to many European products,.

The US confirms the tariffs and Asemesa asks the EU to take the case to the WTO

The US International Trade Commission (USITC) has formally published its final resolution regarding the impact of imports of black olive from Spain on the California producing sector. As it happened in the preliminary ruling of early August of last year, the USITC has affirmatively decided to conclude that imports of Spanish laws cause harm in that sector.

The banana sector “reviews and reviews” the European Union’s financial project for agricultural aid

Representatives of the European Banana and Banana Producers Association (APEB) have met in Paris to review and review the latest actions developed at European level with the European Commission with regard to budgets within the framework of the POSEI.

The EU and the Member States, together with Switzerland, agree on a framework for cooperation with Bolivia worth 530 million euros

The European Commission, the member states present in Bolivia - France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden and Germany - and Switzerland have agreed to "harmonize and coordinate" their interventions in the field of development cooperation in the Andean country through the adoption of of a joint strategy until 2020 for which they will allocate a total of 530 million euros.

What model of exploitation should we support in the CAP?

Article of Opinion signed for ECA by the doctor and agronomist, José María García Álvarez, who reflects on the exploitation model that should be prioritized in the CAP

The latest news and data in the new period of CAP aid

The Council of Ministers has approved a Royal Decree modifying the current regulations on the application of direct payments to agriculture and livestock and other aid schemes, as well as on the management and control of direct payments and payments to rural development. The changes came into effect on January 1st and will apply the aid application campaign that will last in principle until April 30th, although, given the background of previous years, insurance will be extended. This amendment incorporates into the Spanish legal system the changes introduced by the so-called "Omnibus" Regulation in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).