The economy in the EU will grow by 4.2% in 2021 and 4.4% in 2022

The Spring 2021 Economic Forecast projects that the EU economy…

Trade agreements makes positive impact on agri-food sectors

According to a new study published, the EU trade agenda is set…

UPA presents to the Ministry its project to adapt the agricultural sector to climate change

Climate change is the main challenge facing the agricultural sector today. In the agrarian organization UPA are aware of this and that is why they are focusing all their efforts on helping farmers and ranchers to adapt their farms to this new situation and thus reduce their impact on the sector. These efforts are being channeled into a macroproject called InfoAdaptaAgri that will be presented to the Minister of Agriculture, Isabel García Tejerina, on June 6th. The act will be open to all interested persons, it is simply necessary to send an inscription in advance.

UPA takes stock of 2017 as a dramatic agrarian year, refuting government figures

The Union of Small Farmers (UPA) has described 2017 as a "dramatic year for the field," due to the drought and inaction that blames the Government, whose macro figures on the sector, highlighting the rise in farm income by 5% for this exercise, they contrast with the negative balance of this agrarian year that the Organization has made.

HORTISPAÑA urges normality in Catalonia to avoid further damage to the Spanish horticultural sector in the markets

The Member Associations of the Spanish Interprofessional Organization of Fruits and Vegetables, HORTIESPAÑA, consider it essential that normality be restored as soon as possible in Catalonia so that the sector under Spanish greenhouse does not continue to be affected by the independence movement, which has already caused delays in shipments, breaches with customers and an important 'damage' to the image of Spain as the origin of horticultural products under greenhouse coverage of this Organization.

A cereal campaign marked by climatology

Opinion article written for ECA in which the general secretary of the Association of Grain and Oilseeds in Spain (ACCOE), José Manuel Álvarez, makes an assessment of the current cereal campaign.

UPA values ​​this harvest negatively, both in production and prices

The agricultural organization UPA has made a negative balance, both in production and in prices, of the current harvest, once this has become widespread throughout the national territory. Thus, and according to their calculations, the production of grapes has decreased by 20% as a result of bad climatology, a decline that in some territories has reached 60%. Although this bad situation is also suffered by other European competitors, in Spain winegrowers also have to deal with low prices. For this reason, the UPA has asked the Food Information and Control Agency (AICA) to intensify controls of compliance with the Law of the food chain.

Fresón de Palos makes a positive balance of its participation in Asia Fruit Logística

Fresón de Palos concluded its presence in Asia Fruit Logistics with a positive evaluation of its passage through this event, held in Hong Kong, brought together thousands of professionals and buyers from the sector from all over the world.

Mexico directs its efforts to increase its sales of pork and berries to Japan

The Government of Mexico has intensified contacts with authorities and marketing firms in Japan to increase exports of pork and berries to the Japanese country. These efforts are part of the work being carried out by the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) to diversify markets in countries of the Asia-Pacific Region.

Socialists ask the EC actions against the US anti-dumping attack on Spanish olive

Socialist Europarlamentarians have called on the European Commission (EC) to counteract the "anti-dumping" complaint against Spanish exports of table olives in the United States.