Cañamás Hnos.: First quarter analysis 2020-2021

Now that we are fully immersed in 2021, the international year…

Aceites de Oliva de España promotes a digital campaign to reach new markets

A campaign in digital media with a duration of one year. Try to enhance the image of our oils, also linking them to our cuisine, culture and lifestyle in the United States, Japan and China.

The EC asks Spain for information to advance oil self-regulation

In relation to market developments, a balance has been made on July 31 and, with data still provisional, on August 31.

Destroy yourself, Tradecorp’s campaign for farmers to free their crops from abiotic stress

Tradecorp launches "# Desestrésate #HolaTradecorp # AdiósEstrés", an awareness campaign aimed at farmers and agricultural technicians to help their crops in a more effective way against the extreme weather that occurs in Spain during the summer months.