Snack tomato, the fastest growing market

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Snack tomato varieties are already a third of the volume of total consumption of tomato in some EU countries. It is the type of tomato that has evolved in recent years. Currently accounts for between 10 and 30% of the total market tomato in markets like the British or German.

Jornadas Tomate Syngenta 12Within this type of tomato can include both pear and cherry round, even sizes somewhat higher as the cocktail. Spain is among the leading producers and exporters is also one of the countries where it is invested in research and development of these varieties.

This has been one of the main topics discussed at the forum in Almerimar: “Innovation and new trends in the tomato market.”
“A third of the volume of tomatoes consumed in countries like Britain or Germany and for the tomato snack,” says David Weddings, responsible for relations with the food chain to Syngenta Spain and Portugal. In his presentation on new trends in tomato consumption it estimated that growth in some countries like Germany could reach 50% of total consumption of tomato in the coming years.

Innovation in this segment was represented by Anabel Hidalgo, improver tomato and Pablo Garcia, head of the laboratory Quality Fruit in the research center Syngenta has in El Ejido. “On average, the development and research of a snack tomato to market launch is 10 years and involves more than 10,000 crosses between different varieties,” said Anabel Hidalgo.

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To know if a tomato snack will succeed must take into account many variables. In the development of a product is meant to satisfy the entire food chain, flavor, color, texture, shelf life, productivity, disease resistance, stress tolerance, safety is sought. According Pablo Garcia, “to know whether a tomato has the right taste necessary to measure at least four basic parameters: juiciness, brix, sugar content such as glucose and fructose and content of organic acids, such as citric acid and malic “.

More than twelve snack tomato varieties were presented to attending the public forum. Among the highlights was Nébula, described by Rafael Salinas, head of tomato product in Syngenta as “an explosion of flavor” or Dulcemiel, “a tomato noted for its green and balanced super sweet and exotic flavor.”

Other varieties of Syngenta presented at the forum by technicians and sales managers of the company in Almeria, Alejandro Martinez and Jose Maria Garcia were: Angelle, “most desired” Lemonade “flavor that leaves you ice cream,” Yolita, “the pearl flavor “, Seychelle,” taste of paradise “or king Creole,” king Creole “.

Source: Syngenta