SIPCAM Iberia bets to biostimulation and bioprotection

This year, SIPCAM Iberia launches a catalog in which quality and innovation continue to be its main emblems.

The crop nutrition and protection company expands its range of solutions for the development, sustainability and profitability of the Spanish agricultural sector, remaining a pioneer in the biostimulation and bioprotection market.

Bioprotection, the solution of the present

Since the 70s, SIPCAM Iberia has been a pioneer in bioprotection with the launch of Citrol-ina. For this reason, in the Year of Plant Health, the firm could not ignore one of its main differential values. “Our profitable and sustainable production strategy, combining protection with biostimulation comes to solve the current problems of farmers”, explains Daniel Mulas, Head of Biocontrol and Biotic Products.

The bioinsecticides Align® A26 and Zenith® A26, based on Azadirachtin (a compound of natural origin that belongs to limonoids and that SIPCAM registered for the first time in Europe in 1995), are examples of active substances with low risk of resistance emergence and multiple target pests; products with maximum flexibility and security for which this 2020 is committed.

Adina®, the new bioinsecticide and bionematicide in the 2020 portfolio, also has this same base and, like Align® A26 and Zenith® A26, has an organic farming certificate. “We fight to achieve profitable, sustainable and necessary agriculture for the growing population,” says Antonio Bernárdez-Zerpa, Head of Strategic Marketing. For this reason, SIPCAM Iberia offers solutions such as Adina®, which avoids the appearance of resistance and has an interesting effect for the control of other pests of great importance such as whiteflies, thrips, miners, etc.

“We remain at the forefront of quality and innovation with a full range of solutions tailored to the needs of farmers,” says José Ramón Soler (Director of Marketing and Business Development). That is why Adina®, together with other of its catalog partners, offers higher crop yields, one of the main objectives of the spanish farmer.


Advantages of Timorex Gold, the fungicide for the control of diseases in horticultural crops..

Relevant-Oil® is another novelty for which they have decided to designate a large part of their resources. It acts exclusively by contact, against insects and mites in the adult state and larvae, as well as against eggs. Its main benefits for organic farming is that it is free of MRLs as it breaks down quickly.

And in the fungicide market, Timorex Gold® remains unique for its LMR seal and is suitable for organic farming. Composed of tea tree extract, it is capable of altering the permeability of the cell membrane causing destruction and inhibition of various stages of the fungus life cycle.

SIPCAM: Biostimulation, higher performance and quality

“Beyond reinforcing the positioning of our top sales, we have decided to make a large investment in the commercialization of new biostimulant products such as Abyss®, the new liquid algae extract suitable for foliar and root application,” explains CEO Pablo Montañés.

Abyss® is a 100% natural biostimulant certified for use in organic farming with an exclusive cold physical extraction process, which guarantees the presence of the naturally-occurring active components of the algae harvested in the North Atlantic.

Along with the launch of Abyss®, SIPCAM Iberia is committed to organic farming, maintaining in its catalog other biostimulants that are already a benchmark in the sector. One of the most emblematic cases is Blackjak®, the 100% natural liquid leonardite with highly decomposed organic matter and


Example of roots treated with Blackjak versus control.

rapid assimilation with the important characteristic of being an acidic medium. A market leader since its launch as an innovative next-generation biostimulant that contains the exceptional characteristic of having an acidic pH (4.2) and all active humic materials.

The range of microbial biostimulants is another of the pillars of the strategy that, combined with other nutritional ones, guarantee greater profitability for the farmer, while offering sustainability and respect for the environment.

These concentrates contain PGPR’s (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) contained in the micro range. Microbiological inocula that are capable of increasing nutritional efficiency and tolerance to abiotic stress, promote vegetative and root development by increasing or maintaining yields.

The Head of Biostimulants and Nutritional Products, Ginés Casanova, highlights that biostimulants have been used for a long time in agriculture, but it is in recent years when the company is demonstrating in the field the positive effects of our products on the plant, and always bearing in mind that our biostimulants used in adequate doses and times, do not make crop yields more expensive: “Taking into account the difficult times the agricultural sector is going through, SIPCAM Iberia is focusing all its efforts on developing a portfolio with suitable products adapted to the needs of the farmer and always with the aim of increasing the profitability of our agriculture ”.

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