SIPCAM copes with the coronavirus with its CSR actions

New Holland Septiembre

The company of phytosanitary ware and biostimulants SIPCAM has collaborated with associations like AEPLA and AEFA to put their grain of sand in the battle against Covid-19.

Make all possible financial and material donations to industry associations, field workers, distributors and transporters: this has been the main objective of the SIPCAM Social Responsibility Committee for the past two months.

Food packs for carriers

“We saw that the carriers came to spend the night at our facilities without having been able to eat in 24 hours, we had to do something,” explains José Ramón Barreiro, Chairman of the CSR Committee.

This was SIPCAM’s first social action: distributing food packs every day to all the truckers who pass through the facilities of its factory in Sueca.

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With these lunch packs consisting of a sandwich, fruit, yogurt and juice, a healthier alternative is offered than the vending machines that they can turn to in the few open service areas, comments the Chairman of the Committee.

Gel and masks for farmers

Thanks to the management and coordination of the Business Association for the Protection of Plants (AEPLA), SIPCAM has been able to package and label 4,000 bottles of hydroalcoholic gel in a joint action with the manufacturer BASF.

These packs, accompanied by masks donated by the association, have begun to be distributed at the beginning of May to SIPCAM distributors to send them to farmers throughout the country.

In turn, SIPCAM has participated in the economic donation of 90,000 euros organized by the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Agronutrients (AEFA) for the purchase of masks for farm workers.

This material, manufactured by the Santa Bárbara Disabled Labor Foundation, has been approved and is being distributed by Agro-food Cooperatives of Spain through their federations and regional cooperatives.

Fumigation backpacks for Egypt

The SIPCAM Egypt delegation has coordinated with the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and the Agriculture Pesticide Center the donation of spray bags to stop the expansion of Covid-19.

These backpacks along with other materials such as masks, gloves and PPE delivered by other companies in the phytosanitary sector, will contribute their little grain of sand to ensure that Egypt copes with the virus with greater integrity.

Hospitalization insurance for employees

Internally, SIPCAM has contracted a specific coronavirus insurance that is applied to all company employees to provide additional financial guarantees.

With these solidarity initiatives, SIPCAM recognizes the efforts of farmers, technicians, transporters and distributors. Also that of its employees, who continue to work to guarantee the population the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables at all times.