SIETE and e-Comercio Agrario launch ECA AGRI, first current year in agricultural machinery and agriculture

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The first edition of the yearbook published by SIETE Agromarketing and e-Comercio Agrario, ECA AGRI, is now at your disposal, where you will find the most relevant information in the agricultural and agricultural machinery sector. The analysis of the agricultural machinery market in Spain, the latest developments in favor of greater sustainability and environmental respect or the CAP beyond 2020, are some of the topics developed in this complete publication, through opinion articles and reports Of full relevance and interviews to some of the most outstanding personages of the sector. There is no lack of information related to the main companies and events, and our Special Dossier on Plant Health. Do not miss it!

ECA AGRI is an annual publication which offers a detailed analysis of the current situation in the agricultural and agricultural machinery sector, providing comprehensive political and economic information on this area, in line with e-Comercio Agrario (ECA) which Today stands as a pioneer among the online publications of the agro-food sector, with a clear national and international vocation.

In an effort to continue reporting on the political and economic situation of the agri-food sector, with an impartial, different and critical look, ECA considers it essential to rescue all its work over a year in magazines that, in addition to the sector of the agricultural machinery and agriculture, are also devoted entirely to fruit and vegetables and olive groves.

The ECA yearbooks are born with the desire to become a reference in the agri-food sector and serve as a guide and showcase for the main companies to show their activity, lines of action, advances and innovations and the markets to which they are directed

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These publications is aimed at technicians and professionals in the agri-food sector, to become a useful information and consultation tool, through careful design and the good office of an expert team of professionals, made up of agricultural engineers, journalists, publicists and relevant collaborators. For more information on booking spaces in future editions, please contact:

About SIETE Agromarketing

SIETE Agromarketing is a communication and consulting agency specialized in the agro-food sector and with the vocation to build ties between Spain and the international market. It draws on an extensive knowledge and experience behind , thanks to the team of professionals who integrate it, with a long filming in the fields of communication and agro-food. Its objective is to bring value within these fields, as well as in the areas of gastronomy, horticulture and culture. We know that the smart thing is to invest the resources in the most efficient way to achieve a return on investment in all our clients’ projects, enhancing through a rigorous and committed information the commitment of companies and institutions in the agro-food sector by the internationalization of its products and brands.

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