SIETE Agromarketing reaffirms with its Mujer Agro project its commitment to equal opportunities in the agri-food sector

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From SIETE Agromarketing, this March 8th, Women’s Day, we want to share our commitment to gender equality with the Women Agro project: in June 2018 we celebrated in Toledo the II National Forum of Agro-Professional Women, under the motto: “the equality is a task of Tod @ s. ” We want to rescue the importance of women who occupy positions, positions and who, at the same time, are entrepreneurs, cooperatives and entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector. They are underrepresented in the political and economic decision-making spaces, where the majority representation tends to be masculine. That is why it is important to raise awareness of the inequality that still exists between men and women.

With a great success of public and participation, the First National Forum Agro Business ‘Agro-Professional Women. For the Equality of Opportunities‘, held in Seville in June 2017, highlighted that achieving a greater share of representativeness and prominence is still the main challenge facing rural women. A collective that constitutes a fundamental pillar for the development and future of the agri-food activity. About this event, SIETE Agromarketing edited a video that summarizes the most important moments of an event, which had an excellent reception from the public and a great impact on RR.SS., becoming trending topic in the city of Seville and number 51 of all over the country, with over 200 attendees, and 255 different virtual assistants. Do not miss seeing it!

In this video you will see the main headlines and conclusions of this first Forum, in whose second edition we are already working and which is expected to be celebrated in 2018, in Toledo

Among the main messages disseminated in the First National Business Agro Forum ‘Agro-Professional Women’ highlights the importance of achieving a greater share of representativeness and prominence for women, as the main challenge that still has to face this group within the agro-food sector. Other main ideas that have been heard in this Forum have been that the achievement of equal opportunities in the rural world and agro-food sector happens because companies and their managers are involved with this challenge, along with the need for a Real incorporation of women to make visible their activity in a sector in which there are still few.

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