Rijk Zwaan presents new solutions for the watermelon and melon market

New Holland abril

Revolutionary concepts, at the forefront of the market, with varieties that respond to farmers and consumers.

Rijk Zwaan held a new edition of Global Melon & Watermelon, at the CED ‘La Palma’, in Cartagena, adapting its format, due to special circumstances, so that all the chain’s international agents could learn about the new concepts and innovations in the melon and watermelon category, both on-site and virtually. He did so under the title ‘New solutions for a new market’, where, in addition to the field visits, he developed a comprehensive webinar program to address trends that add value to consumers in this new scenario, in which there were numerous topics and leading experts.

 ‘Ready to Eat’: More production, stability and homogeneity

One of the most relevant projects is the “Ready to Eat” concept: a new range of Cantaloupe LSL melon that stands out for its easy identification at the optimal time of collection and consumption through two differential markers; the change of color in the skin, from green to cream and the marking of the cracking next to the peduncle. This line guarantees a premium product for the consumer due to its high sugar content and flavor.


This range includes varieties with resistance to aphids and powdery mildew, ideal for organic cultivation: Casasol RZ, Paniol RZ and Frivol RZ for crops from Spain; Zinasol RZ for Morocco; and Mirandol RZ for Senegal and Spain.

New Generation of Yellow Melon

Rijk Zwaan presented a new line of varieties with resistance in yellow melon. These new materials maintain a caliber of 1.5-2kg, they are Yacal RZ (medium-early), which reaches the optimal sugar level very quickly and has good flavor and plant vigor; Noval RZ (medium); and Hasdrubal RZ (late in Murcia and La Mancha that completes Yeral RZ).

Mellissimo®, export leader

It is the concept of Piel de Sapo melon, with an exquisite flavor and perfect size for export. It integrates the Bravura RZ, Dolsura RZ and Ricura RZ varieties, and the novelty Minithor RZ, less caliber (1.5 to 2.5 kg) and the same content in sugar as the rest of the varieties. Guarantees quality throughout the year.

Sandissima®, ideal for practical export

In the range of watermelons, the Sandissima concept stands out as a line of small, high-quality watermelons ideal for the export market. The varieties in this range stand out for a special flavor, a practical size of 3 to 4kg, less impact of seeds and their double use as a main crop or pollinator. It also generates high profitability thanks to its high production and lower cost. This year the novelty is Coralzinho RZ, striped mini with intermediate caliber micro seeds that complements Gatinho RZ and Tigrinho RZ. Ideal for both greenhouse and outdoors. The other novelty, 62-430 RZ, type crimson, for late outdoors, which stands out for its firmness

Finally, it is worth highlighting the launch of the Tropical concept, flavored colored watermelons. Tropical Sunshine RZ, is the first variety and is characterized by a black skin and an intense yellow pulp, a very sweet flavor and a size of 4-6 kg.