“Olive Oil Makes a Tastier World” encourages sales of olive oils in the US

New Holland abril

The information and dissemination actions undertaken by Olive Oils of Spain with support from the European Union (EU) are proving especially effective in revitalizing the olive oil market in the US. In the first quarter of 2019, Spanish exports have skyrocketed 47% compared to the same period of the previous year, up to 28,585 tons, and strengthen their leadership in the market with a 38.04% share of total imports , according to data from the United States Department of Commerce. In total, exports from Europe exceeded 57,000 tons, with a share that rises from 62% to 72% of the total, fourteen percentage points more if we compare the sales of the first quarter of 2019 with those of the same period of 2018.

Spain has already been a solid leader in the North American olive oil market for five years. Throughout 2018, Spain sold 114,769 tons for a total value of 428 million euros. The United States is already the second largest customer in the world for Spain in both quantity and value. And in 2018, 11.26% of all oils exported by Spain were sold here while, in value, oils destined for that country accounted for 13.48% of the total value of Spanish sales in the world as a whole .

In the Oculus of New York

The market response to the promotional initiative “Join the European healthy lifestyle with Olive Oils from Spain. Olive Oil Makes to Tastier World ”is being very positive, confirming that the commitment to high impact actions in large passenger transit centers is the most appropriate to take your message to the target audience. Actions such as the one that took place this summer in the spectacular Oculus of New York City. During the month of June this summer has hosted one of the most spectacular informative actions of the campaign with projections on 22 giant screens – some of them with a dimension of more than 21 meters – 276 passes per day. The Oculus is the complex designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava at the World Trade Center in New York, an impressive white structure in the shape of a skeleton with high traffic of people – an estimated 11 million people each month – that houses a shopping center underground and a communication node at the junction of subway lines and the train that connects with New Jersey.

Olive Oil Lounges in Chicago and Atlanta

The action at the Oculus in New York has not been the only one that has been launched in this market in recent months. In May all the stands of the Union Station in Chicago, offering more than 100,000 daily travelers immersion in the product and a stunning 360 degree experience. More than 180 stands contained the image of the campaign, including stairs, columns, railings, windows, elevators, hallways, wrapping entire walls of this great axis of communications. Meanwhile, large digital screens showed the benefits of olive oils on platforms, at the popular “Clark & ​​Lake” station and on the train line connecting to the airport.


In June, the Olive Oil Lounge landed at the Atlanta airport, the busiest in the world with more than 100 million passengers a year, allowing to know this basic product of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

With the campaign “Join the European healthy lifestyle with Olive Oils from Spain. Olive Oil Makes a Tastier World ”as a tool, launched in May 2018, Olive Oils from Spain has set out to make the world a place with more flavor and urges consumers to join the European way of life (Join the European Healthy Lifestyle with Olive Oils from Spain). Among the dissemination actions scheduled in New York, Chicago, Atlanta or Miami, the Olive Oil Lounges stand out, spaces that have also been implemented in the airports, train stations and the busiest ports in Europe and Asia, which have an oil library with the best extra virgin olive oils; tastings adapted to the pace of passenger transit areas; a specific area for children; and wifi points. During the first year of the campaign alone, close to 404 million contacts were reached among all the dissemination activities promoted.

Olive oils from Spain has highlighted its strategic commitment to this country since, despite the rapid growth experienced in the last decade, consumption in the US is very concentrated in the East and West Cost of the country, and does not reach a kilogram of oil of olive per person, far from the levels of producing countries with European olive tradition such as Spain, which exceeds 10 kilograms.