Kiwi Atlántico launches its new commercial, with characters animated by Luis Davila

New Holland abril

Kiwi Atlántico, has just released the new advertising spot for its “You deserve the most natural” campaign, in which the famous Galician viñetista Luis Davila collaborates, who has lent his art and characters to the service of animated advertising. The new announcement can already be seen on the TVG.

It is the first time that the company ventures to resort to animation to promote their product, with a result similar to that of their kiwis, fresh and natural. The new promotional image of Kiwi Atlántico uses different characters of different ages to make their message reach the final consumer: the pickers who pamper the kiwi picking it by hand, the selection of the best fruit in its factory, the arrival at the fruit store…

The spot “You deserve the most natural” reflects in a fun way the production chain of Atlantic Kiwi

The piece presents the kiwi as one of the healthiest fruits on the market, perfect for inclusion in the diet of children, young people and adults, thanks to its multiple benefits for the body.


Towards 25 years of history

Kiwi Atlántico, S.A., was established in 1988 after the union of 30 kiwiculturists from Galicia and Asturias, now totaling more than 70 partners and 20 collaborating producers, grouping farms of different sizes. It is a society from which the productions made for personal consumption are promoted, in line with the long tradition that exists in the North of Spain of complementary agrarian economies at the family level.

The union of efforts and ideas when cultivating has allowed a joint marketing, uniform and oriented towards obtaining a fruit of the highest quality.

Source: Atlantic Kiwi