Janusz Wojciechowski, proposed as Commissioner of Agriculture

FORD Febrero

The elected president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, presented on Tuesday her team, with 13 women and 14 men: the first joint community executive and chaired by a woman, and also the first to have a member supported by the Green and other ultraconservative. Von der Leyen has proposed to Janusz Wojciechowski (Poland) as Commissioner of Agriculture, who along with the rest of the commissioners will have to receive the approval of the European Parliament in the session from October 21 to 24 the organization chart proposed by von der Leyen.

The future president has announced her list of commissioners in an appearance in which she explained that the next European Commission (EC) will be structured around three priority areas: foreign policy, the fight against climate change and the digital economy . In addition, Von der Leyen has detailed his team, which has eight vice-presidencies, including that of Josep Borrell, acting foreign minister and who will serve as High Representative of the EU Foreign Policy.

The proposal given by the future president points out that among the tasks that the new commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski will have to face will be the commitment to modern and sustainable agriculture and ensure that the agricultural sector continues to fulfill its lasting commitments, while providing support to adapt to climate change,
Demography and technologies.

Janusz Wojciechowski. Agriculture is a Polish politician and former member of the European Parliament. He is a member of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, which shares a Eurocamara group with Vox (ECR). It is under investigation by the EU anti-fraud agency, OLAF, for alleged irregularities in the reimbursement of travel expenses.

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