Fitur focuses on Queretaro tourist routes

New Holland abril

On the Cheese and Wine, the Sierra Gorda, semidesert, the colonial haciendas, religious missions and archaeological sites program tourist routes in the Mexican state of Queretaro is defined. A year ago he was presented at Fitur in Madrid (Spain) and in this edition of the fair, the state authorities seek to consolidate as a result of interest from European tour operators.

The secretary of Tourism of the central Mexican state of Queretaro, Mauricio Salmon Franz, said that the routes of Queretaro program has allowed in a year to increase the presence of foreign tourists and diversify the local tourism offer.

In the 36th edition of Fitur, it recalled that this is the route of the Hacienda, which played an important role in the Viceroyalty; the Cheese and Wine, being the second largest producer of wines in the country after California and have important cheese making.

It also routes the Sierra Gorda offers culture and adventure in a biosphere reserve; semi-desert route and Religious route to discover missions and archaeological sites.


“They are routes that have allowed us to diversify and expand the target markets that we want to go. Before 90% of tourists were left alone in the city of Queretaro and 10% going to other municipalities, and that is 22%, “he stated.
“All the routes are different, what we have are a la carte options. With the five will give a good choice to cover all the demand is in the state, “he said.

The official stressed that there are many municipalities in which international tourism has almost tripled as Jalpan, or San Juan del Rio, which is an industrial city.
He said that 85% of international tourism to the state is the United States and Canada, and the European market will represent mostly Spanish, English, French and Italian, and increased Korean and Japanese.

On the visit of Asian tourists, he acknowledged that it has influenced the establishment of new industries, some related to these countries. Tourism Minister explained that tourism accounts for 4.0% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Source: Notimex