“Feeding the World”: Produce more with fewer resources

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The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture hosted the celebration of the first edition of “Feeding the World”: innovation powers a sustainable world “, an international initiative to raise awareness of all links in the food chain, including our politicians and government on the importance of betting on R + D + i clearly for a strong and competitive industry, that is sustainable from an economic, social and environmental terms.

The XXI century and especially developing countries, are facing the challenge of feeding a sustainable world. The strategic objectives set out by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) it is difficult to achieve, considering that in 2050 the global population will reach 9,600 million people and natural resources that are available They are insufficient.

Logo Feeding the worldYou need to take action on the matter decisively and really support innovation to improve global food production and redistribution across the globe, and also done sustainably. But innovation is not only necessary for developing countries. Advanced societies such as Spanish or European, they also need that this process continues and the development of new products, processes or services is essential for companies to maintain today.

This has been highlighted in the conference “Feeding the World”, which has hosted world trends in food research and various practical examples that are developed today in our country.

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Sustainable and profitable farms

Innovation has become an obligation for all companies in the sector who want to adapt to the new times, new markets and consumers, but it is necessary that the government not only encouraged, but be brave and defend against the who often suffer attacks by certain groups, most often without clear arguments and counter the positive scientific opinions that have already European institutions.

For all these reasons, it is necessary to take measures to create sustainable solutions for the future that can feed the entire world population. Innovation is key in this process, but there are often obstacles to their application that stand in the way. We should speed up the debates to discuss how to bypass these obstacles to progress in coordinating efforts that some companies and public institutions are doing in this line. This forum aims to be a meeting point for all interested in this matter.

Group Sustainable Innovation

During the meeting “Feeding the World” was presented the Sustainable Innovation Group for the food industry, a working forum that aims to become the benchmark for this field in Spain with the ultimate goal of supporting those companies or institutions that are committed to innovation applied in the food industry and, especially, move it to the company, which in many cases not know the effort that companies make every year to meet their needs and do so sustainably.

The bases that will govern the operation of the Group Sustainable Innovation for the food industry are:

  • Innovation applied in the food industry is essential for farms and industries competitive in the national and international level.
  • Authorization of technological innovations is now fully regulated at both national and European level and therefore must be taken into account.
  • It is necessary that all links in the food chain are aligned and defend innovation as a tool for competitiveness in a framework of sustainable production.
  • Economic, social and environmental sustainability of innovations is indispensable and must accompany any new product or process technology.
  • The dissemination and use of innovations to society is essential for consumers to appreciate the work done by the food businesses.

More information: www.feedingtheworld.es

Source: Agrifood Communication