Spain: Rate of recovery of packaging waste and wooden pallet reaches 75%

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It is distributed to 64% material 11% recycling and energy recovery. Regarding recycling targets into force marked by Directive 2004/12 / EC for 2008, the situation of packaging waste, packaging and wooden pallets in Spain in 2014 is split between 15% for wood and 55% for all packaging materials, according FEDEMCO-Ecoleño, supported by ECOEMBES.


The recovery rate was 75% in 2014, resulting from the ratio between 217,000 tonnes and 290,000 tonnes valued remaining as waste in Spain. 64% are recycling material (186,000 tons), and 11% to energy recovery (30,000 tonnes).

The recycling rate has not changed compared to 2013, because although the volume destined for recycling has grown by 4%, the volume of waste it has in the same proportions.

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So on the one hand, the volume of waste generated by enterprises in Spanish territory has increased by 4% over the previous year.

This was mainly due to an increase in the volume of wood packaging used by the Spanish industry (3%) and a smaller reuse pallet by pallet managers used (-9%) and users ( -1%), breaking the trend of recent years.

Furthermore, although the wood boiler industry has managed a 6% less waste than in 2013, mainly due to the decrease in the management of pallets used, the recovery of waste if it has increased by 8% overall (recycling and energy) recovery.