European apricot production is reduced


From Europech they have published a first forecast for the European apricot campaign, with data that points to a drop in production.

The first European harvest trends and forecasts are revealed, as they have been every year for almost 30 years, by Europech, which coordinates the Italian, French, Spanish and Greek professional organisations on the occasion of MEDFEL. This year due to the COVID 19 crisis and the postponement of MEDFEL, the partner organisations have decided to offer two online press conferences to present the apricot and peach/nectarine forecasts.

 This year, the climatic conditions were particularly complicated and affected the apricot production potential in all producing countries.

Firstly, the lack of cold winter weather for the southern production basins has generated a heterogeneous and often scarce flowering. Then at the end of March and beginning of April, frosts affected some production areas, sometimes seriously affecting production.

Algaenery Interio Noticia

For this 2020 campaign, the optimal production potential will not be reached in all areas and countries.


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