Egypt is consolidated as an export power in Anuga 2019

FORD Febrero

The country had 96 companies represented at the fair and distributed between a total of 1,260m2 and four spaces: the national pavilion, the frozen pavilion, the beverage pavilion and the dairy pavilion, a record participation that from the Egyptian authorities value very positively .

According to Manar Nasr, Executive Director of the Food Export Council, “We are delighted with our participation in the fair. We have held business meetings with buyers of very high level and quality. Anuga is the perfect opportunity to show Egypt to the world, increase our exports in processed foods, grow and improve as a producing and exporting country. ” A showcase that companies appreciate, “the number of participating Egyptian companies has been increasing every year.

In fact, we have a waiting list to attend this fair and we are working to obtain more space for the next editions, ”he says. The continued efforts of the Food Export Council and other Egyptian entities have been productive. In 2018, processed food exports grew by 3% compared to the previous year, reaching a total of 2.8 billion dollars. In addition, from the Food Export Council they affirm that from January to August 2019, 2 billion dollars have already been invoiced in exports of processed product, so it is expected to exceed the figure reached last year.

Main export foods

The list of exports of Egyptian processed foods is headed by volume frozen fruits and vegetables, specifically: strawberries. According to Nasr, “Egypt is the second country that supplies strawberries to Germany and in 2017 it was the 4th strawberry supplier country in the world.” “We export 95% of our frozen products not only to Arab countries but increasingly to Europe and the United States,” says Mohamed Kamal, Director of Exports at Cold Alex. In second and third place are seasoning herbs, spices and food preparations. “Consumers have great interest in Egyptian spices, 95% of my production crosses borders,” reports Bishara A. Sirafim, CEO of Spice Kingdom. Fourth, but not
less important, dates are located, one of the most representative Egyptian products. “Our dates are a worldwide success, the total of our production is dedicated to export due to the great demand that exists outside of Egypt” says Rawya El Massri, Key Account Manager of Orient Group.


In addition, visitors to the fair were able to taste the following Egyptian delicacies: dairy products, juices and concentrates, flours and yeasts, pasta, snacks, oils and snacks, canned and canned fruits and vegetables, jams, halva and tahini, honey and sweeteners , kitchen and bakery preparation products, tomato puree and sauces, legumes and cereals, peanuts, breakfast cereals, cereal bars and instant drinks.

It is worth mentioning that in the instant hot drinks sector, the company Misr Café pioneered the production and export of 100% natural instant teas and coffees in the Middle East. According to Mounir M. Abdel Meguid, Executive Director of Misr Café, the company currently exports to more than 40 countries around the world, being a clear example of the export potential of Egyptian processed foods.

Featured role of women

This year, the delegation of the Mediterranean country included more women than ever, which shows that there are more and more Egyptian women taking on managerial positions in the food sector. “Year after year, women lead new businesses in Egypt,” explains Riham El Aasar, General Director and Owner of Mom’s Food. “I personally believe that Egyptian women showed a very positive contribution to the Egyptian economy and are constantly working to detect new business opportunities,” says Nihal Said, Kemet Director General and one of the first women
Entrepreneurs of the Egyptian food industry. Marwa Kobt, Export Director of Arab Dairy, also agrees that “the number of women in management positions is increasing markedly in Egypt.”

Also the leading Egyptian fair for the processed food sector, Food Africa, has among its main organizers numerous women. This contest, which will be held from December 9 to 11 in 2019, will feature more than 350 exhibitors, among which there will be more than 160 Egyptian companies.

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